Yeah...I am the sister

Yeah....I am Casey Horan. YES OMFG FANGIRLING NIALL HORANS SISTER! NO! Its dreadful! I go everywhere with him and its nice but the rumor of me and Liam, or me and zayn, or me and Harry, or me and Louis are terrible. I have known them for about 3 years but they are like brothers. I spent alot of time with Liam and Harry but NO! This isn't going to be like some cute story about I fell in love and got married. This is like a tour....gone wrong


11. Club sweet club

We just got home and unpacked and its like 7 p.m. "Abby! lets go to the club" she laughed and nodded. these are our outfits



When we got to the club Abby went to the dance floor after having 2 shots with me. I stayed and toke like 5 more. I started dancing with an older guy. "I am Frank by the way" he said while dancing with me

"I-I am person" I started laughing


I started talking to a really nice guy who was a year or two older then me. I looked over to see Casey going nuts with a 33 year old "Casey come on its not good for you to be here" I said pulling her away from a guy

"No! I can stay here with my boyfriend Frankie!" she said kissing him. I cringed on how wasted she was "Go make out with Zayn!' she said pushing me

"Fine I am leaving" I said walking out and I called Harry "Harry?"

"yeah what?" he was angry

"Casey! she's wasted and kissing a 30 year old! Can you get her?!"

"She doesn't want me why try?"

"HARRY!" I screamed through my phone "You still love her and deep down she still loves you so stop! Here the address to the club come if you want but she's really in need for your help" I said hanging out and driving to the house angry and tired.

-Casey P.O.V-

For the next half an hour we were dancing and laughing and drinking. I felt recovered from Harry and now dating someone who cares about me. "Hey babe lets go to my house" Frank screamed I nodded and held his hand and he started driving. He held my hand and kissed me at every red light. He just kept on driving until we got to this little house "Were here baby" when he walked me into the house he aggressively slapped me against the wall and kissed me. All night we were going nuts at each other. It wasn't like Harry who checked up on me asking me if I was okay, or when he would stop and kiss my ear and we would just laugh at each other. Frank slapped me, hit me, hurt me but I kept falling for him. Abby kept calling me and it came to a point where Frank threw my phone against the wall. I was so scared what I was getting myself into.

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