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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


9. We're Here

Harry's P.O.V

"How much longer until we get to Italy?" Niall moaned

i sighed "Like, three hours."

"UUUUUGH!" Niall screamed in his pillow and slowly fell back to sleep.


we have been on plane rides and car rides all day and all we wanted was to get to Italy


"I'm just kidding Niall, were here."

"WE ARE?" he shrieked in excitment.

"No, but if you ask the person driving the car maybe he would know." I replied stubbornly.

how was i supposed to know when we were getting there?


"HEY YO SAM!" Liam yelled, making us really confused

"Yes, Liam?"

"Turn on some music, lets get this car POPPINGTON!"

"Never say that again." Zayn said making us all laugh.

"I just heard an american say it." Liam argued.

"Well don't listen to Americans, they're fat and greedy." Louis stated.

everyone laughed but me.

"Including that one friend of Harry's that he made." Niall laughed "What was her name? Margrete, Abby, Mackelle, Larry"


"THAT'S ENOUGH!" i shouted

"Were only teasing you, Harry" Zayn said

Louis joined in "We knew it was Mary all along."

"Plus why do you care" Liam asked me.


i dont know, why do i care? Mary is a good friend yeah, but i have lots of friends, why was she so different? She said so herself, I'm a great friend. but why do i care about her?


"Because shes a great person who doesn't deserve the nasty things you have been saying about her." I stated


"Were here." Sam said stepping out of the car and letting us all out as well.

"WE'RE GOING TO THE CLUB." Niall danced.

"I could use a good shot or six." Louis joked

"Who said anything about the club?" Harry asked.

"we did?" Louis responded "Geez Harry when did you become Mr. Tightballs"

"What do you mean?" I argued

"Don't worry Harry" Niall said putting his arm around my shoulder. "We'll get the party out of you one way or another."

When we arrived at the club, the attendance made us a private area so we wouldn't be bothered with fans or other paparazzi.


"C'mon boys, Italy will remember us after tonight." Niall smirked. 

Slowly each boy stood up and left the room until i was left alone with Zayn.


"Harry, whats up." Zayn asked "I can tell your upset."

"I'm not upset." I argued

Zayn sighed "Its about Mary isn't it."

"No" I spat

"Dude lighten up" Zayn chuckled "Come drink with me, you can get Mary off your mind."


But the only thing is, i don't want Mary off my my mind.


Me and Zayn stepped out to find Niall and Liam grinding against girls, and Louis passed out over by the bar. 


"Get yourself a drink." Zayn said handing me a 20 "And, try to forget about her. were on tour."


I looked around for a place to sit, and spotted one over by Louis, who was passed out.

"Wake up" I said, shaking him and causing him to jolt up.

"Duddde, i i think have a hangover." Louis groaned

i chuckled "That's supposed to happen tomorrow."

"I don't even know."


Glancing over by Louis, i saw a girl looking at me batting her eyelashes. 

"One beer, any kind really." i stated while handing them the 20 Zayn gave me to the bar tender. 


Suddenly my mind went funny and my eyes went fuzzy. "Why does my skin itch." I asked Louis who was wasted beside me.


"Zayn" I shouted groggily while trying to stand to my feet. "I have your money."

"Zayn" I shouted again.

"Hi" a girl said, i couldn't really make out who it was, until i realized where i was.

"Mary." I sighed in relief, hugging her tightly

she stuttered "what? Who is Mary?"

"Your not Mary?" I giggled while twirling my fingers in her hair.

"No, but i can if you want me to be" She smiled

"No," I muttered "I don't have time for this."

"C'mon..." She purred while tracing her fingernails on my collarbone.


Suddenly i had the urge to run to the bathroom and puke, so i did. But when i did the whole world made sense to me. My mind was telling me it was Mary because it wanted me to forget about her, but i couldn't.


Wiping my face, i ran back in and grabbed the girls hips i was talking to moments before.

"Come on harry, just forget about her."

"So you feeling better?" she giggled

i smirked "a little..."

"Its Brin" she smiled, "Not Mary."

i leaned her up against the wall. "I don't even care."


She Kissed me hard, running her fingers through my hair and hands down my back. reaching her hand downward before i stopped her.


"Don't..." I mumbled 

she giggled playfully "And why not?"

"Because..." I muttered "I have to go make a phone call."

"With who?" She yelled to me as i walked away reaching into my pocket to grab my phone. 







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