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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


6. Tour

The rest of the day was a blur. Nobody really talked to me. but I don't even care anymore. I don't want to be here anymore. Not here, Not anywhere.


"Mary! Mary Ann!" Harry said sprinting down the hall towards me


 i let out a sigh "Ugh what do you want now?"


"Guess what? were starting a brand new tour!" Harry exclaimed grabbing my shoulders and squeezing them tightly, causing people to stare.


"MARCEL shut up! Not everyone needs to know your Harry Styles..." i whispered to him while mentally slapping him across the face.


 he nodded in agreement "I'm sorry Mary, its just i'm so psyched! This is going to be awesome! I wont have to go to this stupid school anymore!"


Did he just say he wont be going to this school anymore? Does that mean ill have to face everyone here alone?

I couldn't do it. I Just couldn't.


My eyes filled up with tears but i quickly blinked them away."Congrats Harry." 

Harry wrapped his arms around me and brought me in for a hug. I closed my eyes thinking about if i should have just jumped on the bridge. Yes, i never would have met Harry, but it also would have meant i never would have had to watch him leave me alone again.


Suddenly I  felt something was watching me.

or someone


i pulled away  and bit my lip, looking around to see if anyone was there.

"are you okay?" Harry questioned

i looked over his shoulder to see Jarom staring at us from behind another corner of a hall.

My heart started to beat faster as i nudged Harry off and ran to Jarom.

Harry's P.O.V


My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach.

It wasn't what it looked like

Me and Mary were only friends.

Just friends.


My own thoughts were hurting me as i watched Jaroms arms wrap around Mary.


i wanted to die



That's it. Shes happy now.

why do you care about her.

all you needed to do was get time off to help Mary and get out of publicity.

and you accomplished that in half of a school day.

Mary doesn't need me anymore.

she has her Jarom 

and i have my tour.


Mary Ann's P.O.V


"Jarom..." i croaked trying to breath "Please, stop"


"YOU TOLD HIM" Jarom shouted in a raspy voice while flaring his nostrils.

"No i didn't. i-" i said before he squeezed his hand tighter around my neck.

in a whisper i said "I promise i didn't tell him, i didn't tell anyone"

"I love you" He growled licking my lips before kissing me "Don't you have anything to say to me"


i shivered at the thought. "i-i love you too." 



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