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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


2. The Photoshoot

Mary's P.O.V

"Here, put this on." he said grabbing a green satin dress from one of his bodyguards.

i sighed and grabbed the dress from him admiring it. it was silky with a loose but thick layer of netting below the fabric. suddenly i realized i was still sitting in the car with them and i looked up in confusion. "Wait... how do you know my size?" i asked looking back down on the dress.

"i don't... we have a trunk full of dresses in every size" he said like it wasn't weird at all.

i rolled my eyes furrowing my eyebrows, "Okay... well where am i going to change?" i asked

he sighed and crawled over to the screen in the limo separating us from the other side, and whispered things i could not make out. Then i jerked, for we came to a halt and pulled over to a nearby gas station.


"Get out here and you can change, my stylist will come in with you to um..." he said looking down at what i was wearing.


"You know, i wasn't trying to look my best, after all, I wasn't wanting to go anywhere important anytime soon." i half mumbled and shut the door before he could utter anything else that made me hate myself any more than i do now.


i walked over into the gas station and found the bathroom where i changed into my dress. Luckily i didn't have to try on any of the other dresses, because this one was just my size. i cautiously opened the door of the stall and looked at my dress through the mirror. i actually looked decent. my hair wasn't done and i hadn't put on any makeup, because i have nobody to impress. dress or no dress, i still look hideous.

i looked over in the mirror and noticed a figure staring at me from behind. When i turned around i was greeted by a woman who looked to be in her 30's with a blonde bun and a huge grin on her face.


"Hi! my name is Darcie! Harry said i would be your Stylist for tonight, so without further ado-" she said bringing me over to the sink and pulled out a giant bag, where she then did my hair in curls and my make up better than i could have ever done.


when she finished, i turned around and looked on the giant mirror on the wall. i wanted to cry. i don't like looking like this. it reminds me of my past. but it was too late to change it.


"You look gorgeous!" Darcie squealed

"Thanks..." i muttered before leaving the bathroom.

"Oh Harry's going to love this! " she smiled walking behind me.


"does it really matter?" i stated leaving her with my words and walked towards the doors of the gas station.


"Wait!" Darcie shouted while chasing after me in the parking lot. "Did Harry give you any shoes?"


i looked down and realized i was still wearing my black converse. these were the only thing i actually still wore before...

"Those will have to do" she said rushing me to the car and opened the door where i climbed inside.


Harry froze with his eyes wide on me "you look...-" he stuttered

"Hideous? i know sorry about the shoes, now can we get going?" i huffed whilst shutting the car door, and we drove off. Sitting in silence for almost the whole way there.



Harry's P.O.V

We sat in silence for awhile until we reached the photo-shoot building,


"Wait here" i said stepping out of the car and shutting the door before she could reply, then opened the door for her on the other side of the car, then she stepped out.


Mary's P.O.V

Lights were flashing from every corner and i could barely see. There were sounds of reporters and the cameras clicking at every corner, you could almost taste the desperation and smell the anticipation of these photographers bombarding us as we walked. Suddenly i felt an arm wrap around my shoulder and guide me inside where i could actually see. i looked up to see it was Harry.


"Wait here" Harry hushed rushing to the back room where i heard people talking.


"Where have you been?" someone yelled

"'i'm sorry, i'm sorry-" Harry said.

"Well because of you, we are behind schedule, so get your friend and meet me in room 6" The stranger said


Harry walked out of the room and back again towards me. "Come with me," Harry crowed, guiding me to wherever. 

"So this is your friend?" a man said gesturing for a hug.

"Hi i'm Mar-" i said leaning in for a hug before I was cut off by the man.

"Harry has told me so much about you!" The man said squeezing me tight

i realized what i said and my eyes shot open wide staring at Harry, who looked concerned.

"He has?" i wondered not taking my eyes off of Harry, who was now waltzing around the room trying to look innocent.


"PLACES!" someone shouted before everyone frantically ran around the room in panic. I was pushed and shoved around place to place until finally someone guided me to a chair where i could watch what was going on.


Harry'S P.O.V

Me and the boys were rushed onto the photographer mat where we were then told to pose and do whatever we wanted. suddenly i felt a pile of boys jump on top of me and i was slammed to the ground forced to smile for the picture.


i scanned the set looking around for where that girl had gone. i hadn't actually gotten her name yet, and she was already more involved with my work than my past girlfriends. my eyes went from person to person until i spotted her sitting down in a chair near the back laughing at us. That was the first time i had ever seen her happy since i met her at the bridge.


For someone that seemed upset, she had a miraculous smile.


"Get up!" Liam said kicking me in the thigh causing me to roll over on my back laughing. it actually really hurt, but i knew they were still taking pictures.


"i think we got it!" Clara, the photographer said closing the camera and shutting down the all equipment.


i stood to my feet and dusted myself off, coughing from the dust that had flown up into the air. they hadn't dusted this place in ages.


"Harry!" Simon said furious marching up to me holding up a magazine article. "Can you explain this?"


i hesitated before saying "Yes i can so there was this girl-"

"m-m-m No excuses Harry, you and your friend meet me in the press room down in the back of the hall." Simon stated with a bit of hate in his words before walking off


i was so angry. This stupid girl that i didn't even know is risking me my job just because she had to make stupid decisions. 

i should have just let her kill herself


"What did he say?" she said coming over me causing me to break my train of thought.


Mary Ann's P.O.V

i could tell he was furious, and i sure did hope it wasn't my fault. but i knew it was my fault. That guy looked so angry when he was yelling at Harry, and there couldn't be any other reason why he was angry besides the fact that Harry had to go talk to someone that wasn't important in the music industry, me.


i should have just killed myself


"Just... Just come on" Harry said grabbing my hand and gripping it tightly walking out into the hallway.


"Where are we going now?" i asked. Even though i knew it was stupid and he wouldn't respond. and he didn't. he just let me to a room where the man that was yelling at him was waiting outside the door.


The man sighed. "We need to talk."















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