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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


14. The Dream

"Mary..." someone shouted from afar. The room i was in smelt like smoke, and the room was pitch black and stretched for miles.


"Mary..." Someone shouted again cautiously I walked around a bit confused shouting "Harry?"


"Harry!" The voice shouted again. easily i heard where it was coming from and ran as fast as my legs could carry me until i reached a corner where i found a figure before me.

"Harry..." I sighed in relief. i went to hug him, to realize it was not him, for it was a man with no face holding a knife. Inching it closer and closer to my neck.


"I'm not Harry..." the voice said making it clear to me who it was, Jarom.


"AAAAH" i screamed rolling over off of the bed and landing hard on the ground with a loud "Thump"


I woke up in my own room quietly listening to the birds chirp out my window.

"It was just a dream" I thought to myself.

Not a day went by where I didn't think about harry. I just wanted him here to tell me everything is going to be okay, but he was too busy.


I got up seeking for my phone before I realized I had left it downstairs the night before.

"Good morning babe" Jarom said cooking breakfast

"Morning" I yawned whilst looking for my phone.

when I found it I got a text from my mom

"Will you please come back. I miss you more than life itself"

My mom has been trying to get me to move back into her for the past two months. I had moved in with Jarom the night my mother said she loved my father more. I've been living here ever since. And I guess you could say I was happy.


"My mom is still trying to get me back" I complained

he broke in "she isn't in jail yet?

I shrugged "I guess not."

"Would it make you feel better if we got her locked up."

"I suppose." I guessed "I wouldn't want her to hurt anyone else."


"We can go today and get this sorted out. Call your mom, eat your breakfast, and get ready because were going once I take my shower." he requested before walking downstairs and into a bathroom I suppose.


I called my mom shaking rapidly as the phone answered. I swallowed a lump in my stomach as my mother spoke.

"Hi sweety. Whats up?"

"I need you to come to court with me." I huffed trying to just let it all out.

confused, she asked "Really?"

"Don't make this difficult mom, meet me over at the county office at 10 A.M or i'll call the police to escort you there."

"That's not necessary." she sighed "I'll be there at 10."


I paused thinking of a way to say goodbye to my mom before I just hung up. 


That was it. that was the last phone call I will ever make with her on her phone. They will probably sentence her to Jail for life- Or worse, which would make me want to kill myself even more than i do now. The ONLY thing keeping me sane is Harry. And im grateful for it.


About an hour later we had arrived at the County office to discuss my mothers sentencing. Immediately after we had told the police it was her, they cuffed her up and brought her into the court room to meet us there and discuss what to do with her.


"Defendant, please state your claim." The judge said making our lawyer stand up and pull out papers from his briefcase.


"On the night of February 29th, Mike Gonzalez was killed, which was announced a Tragedy. BUT Jarom Wright confirmed today to us that this case is a murder, which was commuted by Miss, Martha Gonzalez." Our lawyer stated "We have found that the only people that were in this house at the time of the incident, were Martha, Mike, and the dog, Larry.Jarom and Mary had left the house minutes before the crime was commited. During this time period, Martha was able to take one of her special kitchen knives, which matched up with a kitchen knife from her Kitchen set, Stab it in the heart of our dear mike, Wait for him to lose his life, and run out in panic to get mary and Jarom inside to see the death of her own father. Can we have Marys claim?" 


"Mary, RIse" The judge added making me stand to state my side of the story.


"Well, Me and Jarom had left to go to the store to go get ice cream. Well, as a matter of fact, Jarom was not there, For he was going to meet me there. Instead, He met me on my porch as i was walking out of the house, Just minutes before my mom called us in terror." i Stated sitting back down.


"Is this true?" The judge said looking over at my Mother, who was now dressed in orange.


I saw a tear escape her eyes before she moaned the words "I do believe it is so."


"Can we have Jarom's Claim?" The judge said looking at Jarom before Jarom stood up and began speaking.


WIthout thinking, i interrupted the Court meeting and excused myself to the ladies room where i then walked by the police department, and got a bit curious.


"Excuse me sir." I asked a man wearing a police officer badge and a bulletproof vest.

"How may i help you?" He said merrily

"Well," I stated "Were in a court meeting, and were discussing the accident of my fathers death and i was wondering if i could see the evidence."


"I will have to see your security number and some form of ID." He stated not-so-merrily this time.


stubbornly, I showed him my ID, where he then lead me to a room and grabbed all he had in the File of Mike Gonzales and showed me the evidence.


Reality hit me like a bus. The moment i saw that knife, I knew exactly who that knife belonged to, and it wasn't my mothers.



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