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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


4. School


Mary's P.O.V

I was actually excited for today...




i dont know why though. Nothing would have changed. everything would be the same as it usually is. except for harry of course, but that shouldn't be a reason why i'm excited for school.


I rose out of bed and grabbed my phone out of the charging dock and found that i had 11 missed calls from an unknown number. Cautiously i called it back hoping it wasn't another call, telling me to kill myself.


"Hello?" a voice said through the phone. it was Harry.


"How did you get my number?" i questioned.


"just be ready in 5, were coming to pick you up." he responded,


i hesitated before checking the clock, it was 15 minutes before school started, and they were coming over in 5 minutes!


I quickly threw myself out of bed causing me to black out for a moment before grabbing a shirt and some pants and ran to the bathroom to get ready.


throwing my clothes on the ground, I turned my straightener on and looked into the mirror to find that my hair and makeup still looked the same from last night.


"I cant believe it! did I really luck out?"


I turned off my straightener and pulled my curling iron out of the drawer to fix a couple of pieces of hair. As it was heating up I put my clothes on that I had thrown on the ground earlier to notice that they were pieces of clothes I had worn before everyone betrayed me. But for some reason, It didn't matter. Not today it didn't. I fixed the pieces of hair and added a bit more mascara before taking a step back and admired myself. "Why is it okay that I look like this today?"


i heard a honk outside and assumed that was Harry. frantically, i turned off my curling iron and grabbed my makeup and backpack from the kitchen table snatching an apple as well and shot out the door without even saying goodbye. i knew my mom, which was the only relative home at the time, wouldn't care.


"Hey" Harry muttered as I stepped inside the limo, which in my opinion, wasn't the wisest choice for someone who was trying to keep it on the "Down Low" profile.

"Hey" I responded, "you look... different"


Harry was dressed like a total nerd, probably on purpose. He had a sweater vest on, freshly ironed kaki pants, ankle high socks, dress shoes, and glasses the size of his head, along with his hair slicked back like a total geek. His stylist did a great job

he grunted "I know I hate it."

we sat in silence, checking on our phones once and awhile before we arrived at the school.

I got out and suddenly all those terrible feelings had came back, and I had tacks up the lining of my spine. But when harry got out beside me, those feelings went away, and for some reason, I felt safe.


"Where do we go" Harry whispered as we walked into the school together, all eyes on us. I didn't even care that he was dressed as a nerd, because it was someone to keep me company.


i hesitated "We need to get you registered."

 we walked to the office and got harry registered before we went to find his first period class.

"English with Rogers" he said looking down at his schedule.

Oddly enough, we had the same first period class. which is probably going to be the only class we had together. "Let me see that." I replied snatching the paper away from him and examining it carefully. "We have first period together, then the same lunch, and then Sixth, and that was just A day.

"We have the same first period, and then lunch, and then sixth." I replied shoving the paper into his chest and started walking towards first period before he stopped me,


"Where are you going?" he asked


I sighed and turned around before responding and said "First period, Duh"


Harry's P.O.V

She was making me feel like I was completely clueless, and I was, I just didn't need her to know that. I replied "Oh yeah... Right" before running after her.

"You know, if your dressed as the part, maybe you should act like the part." she smiled completely full of herself before walking into the classroom which I assumed was English.


I followed her in sitting next to her before she gave me a confused look which made me scared. "What are you doing?" she asked, a bit concerned.

"well..." I sniffed "I was just going to.. to sit down next to you..." I said trying to sound as nerdy as I could, and so far I was doing a pretty good job at it.

"That's not your seat!" she whispered leaning closer to me so nobody could hear but me.

"Oh.. well my apologies." I smiled before sitting in the back of the room, on the row next to hers.


suddenly a dude with blonde hair came in and smashed his face into Mary's causing her to lean back into her seat. he was full on snogging, and for some reason, it hurt me.


Boyfriend or not, it didn't matter, because I don't have feelings for her, anymore. Besides, I could get any girl I wanted in this school. There were plenty of chicks just as hot, if not better looking than her. Except for the fact that I'm dressed as a complete nerd.





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