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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


17. Red Velvet

Mary's P.O.V



"JAROM!" i shrieked

"Jarom come quickly!" i shouted again.


"i'm coming" He said as he walked up the stairs "What is it?"


"I had th-that dream again." i stuttered while pondering the past events

"Did you recognize who it was holding the knife this time?" he wondered

"No" I lied


Every day it was the same dream and it was always Jarom holding the knife up to my neck. And i couldn't tell him that, for i was already afraid of my dreams. He could hold a knife up to me in reality.

"I'm sorry." He sighed in relief "But you do have to get up. We have a cake testing appointment in half an hour"


"JAROM!" I shouted "Why didn't you wake me!"

"You looked so cute when you were sleeping"


i jumped out of bed and sprinted to the bathroom where i spent the rest of the 30 minutes i had left to get ready.


"Come on Mary" he screamed before shutting the door.

"Coming" i said running down the stairs, even know i knew he didnt hear me due to the fact that he was outside already in the car by now.


we drove all the way there silently and walked into the building a bit nervous.

"Look at the happy couple!" A man shouted before coming and hugging us.

"Happy is an overstatement..." I mumbled

"Mary, this is my uncle." Jarom said guesturing to the man.

"Nice to meet you darling, Im Charles, but you can call me charlie. shall we get started."

"Yes please!" I joked when my phone rang from my pocket

"Sorry i gotta take this, i'll catch up with you guys." i mumbled before walking outside and answering my cell phone.


"Hello?" I asked

"Mary..." Harry said

"Hey! How's it going?"

"I know your busy with a wedding and all but-"

"Not a problem! what up?" i smiled sounding a bit "too happy"

"I keep having dreams about you." 

"What kind of dreams..." i said concerned

"Its about Jarom. Somethings not right." he responded

"Your right." i moaned

"Wait somethings wrong?" Harry asked now concerned as I

"Well... Oh!" i squealed before dropping my cell phone and having the battery fall out into the sewage. i looked down cursing the wind before picking up the rest of my phone and walking back inside.


"Hey jarom, i just broke my phone-" i stated before being shoved into a chair and cake forced down my throught.


"I thought you would like the red velvet." he mumbled before i could respond

"Great lets get it and go I have to get a new phone." i said standing up and brushing all the cake crumbs off me.

"What type of phone do you want?" Jarom said getting in the car.

"I was planning the same one as before."

"Well, since were getting married i might as well get you an iphone." he smiled. which made me feel very guilty. Because I didnt want to marry him and he was going out of his way to make me happy. And I hated it.


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