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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


7. Promise me

Mary's P.O.V


I woke up breathing heavily and reached over for my phone.

it was friday, September 20th

Harry starts his tour soon and I haven't even said goodbye.

i got up out of my bed and lifelessly walked downstairs to the kitchen to grab something to eat. As usual my mother was not there to talk to me, as she was never there to bid me good morning.


i went to go throw away my apple core to realize i hadn't taken out the trash. i gradually picked up the bag and tied a knot around it before carrying it outside. I was almost positive I stunk more than the garbage itself.


opening the door, i made my way down the steps before being stopped in my tracks by a curly haired boy i had met just days before.


he smiled and nodded his head, "You really think i would leave without saying goodbye?"

a grin grew on my face as i dropped the garbage and ran into harry's arms.

"Oh wow... i sure want to remember you by your stink." 

i argued "I do not stink!"

"An arguer and a stinker." he said threatening to tickle me.

"Ugh no! Harry you stink!" i laughed trying to pull him away from me.

he smiled and gave up "I'M the stink?"

"Oh Harry..." I sighed "I'm gonna miss you"

"You still have your boyfriend, please don't.. try anything again while i'm gone okay?" he said bending over looking into my eyes which were focused on something in the distance.


i didn't even realize it.

i was going to be stuck here with Jarom.


Suddenly my eyes spilled with tears and i didn't even know i had.

"Mary Mary shhhhh I won't be gone that long everything's going to be fine"

"You can do this" he said wiping away a stream of tears with his thumb.


i whaled "No Harry, i can't" and ran into the backyard and down into the cellar. 

"Mary stop!" Harry called after me almost snatching my arm a few times before i closed the cellar door on him. Stupidly enough i forgot to lock it, so moments later he followed me down.


"Mary what is going on!" he asked trying to calm me down from the waterfall of tears that were swelling up my face.


"I can't tell you! i'm not allowed to tell anyone everyone is out to get me i'm dying inside-"


"MARY! what have they done to you!" he shouted making the room feel silent.


"They... They killed my father." i whispered while watching the tears of memories drip down my face onto the concrete below.


Harry came over and wrapped his arms around me, sitting me down on a box beside him. i looked over at him through my blurry eyes to realize he was staring down at my neck. realizing my red marks i tried to cover them up before he stopped me.


"who..." he cooed as he rubbed my marks with the back of his hand. "Who did this to you?"


"was HE THE ONE THAT KILLED YOUR FATHER?" harry yelled again standing up.

"No no no! he didn't!" i yelled back guiding him back to his seat next to mine. 


"My dad was killed and named as an unknown death, a mystery, a tragedy if you will. whats eating me is that everyone in this cruel, cruel town sees me as the girl who killed him. they think i killed. my own father. everyone that walks by judges me by something i didn't even do and they can't see through their own lies they are telling themselves. I didn't do it harry. I didn't do it."


Harry held me tightly "It was named as an unknown death, but do you know who did it?" 


"I can't tell." i whispered


harry stuttered "You can tell me anything."

"They will kill me harry" i whispered through my teeth looking into his eyes so i didn't have to say it twice.


he sat in shock taking in the past contents of what just happened.

"I would rather kill myself and die with my dignity then die from a murder because of something everyone thinks i did." i weeped 

"you weren't supposed to tell me?" harry said 

I shook my head "Harry-"

 He stopped me and grabbed my hands facing towards me and looked me in the eyes "Mary Promise me you will stay strong-"

"Harry i can't" i cried. 

 "PROMISE ME!" he settled down, "promise me... that no matter what anyone says you will stay strong until i come back. you will stay strong for me and not tell anyone about what you just told me. do you understand?"


i sobbed "Harry i just c-"




i nodded my head and let more tears escape my eyes. "Yes... i promise harry"

Harry smiled and we leaned back against the wall with his arm wrapped around me and my head on his chest hearing his heart beat slow down. 

"I promise harry" i whispered. "I promise."



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