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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


11. Passing time


Mary's P.O.V

Three weeks has passed and I haven't heard from harry. Did he forget about me? Why should i care, he probably found another girl that he can be seen in public with. He doesn't need me. He has a new best friend. the sad part about it is that he was my only friend. Besides Jarom, who was helping me find out who killed my father.


I got up off the couch I had fallen asleep on and looked at the clock.

It was 12 In the afternoon and i hadn't waken up earlier.


cautiously i walked up each step of the staircase until i reached the top. The worst feeling is waking up to that awful taste in your mouth. so i went and brushed my teeth, Hoping that it would get rid of the taste.


Squirting the toothpaste; My phone vibrated causing me to squeeze a bit to hard squirting the toothpaste all over my pajamas.


I looked down to see who was calling, and it was Jarom


Why was i hoping it was Harry?


"Hello?" I answered cautiously hoping it was actually Jarom calling.

"Hey babe" He smirked over the phone

"Have you found out anything yet?" I asked

"No, but ill keep looking." 

I sighed "Okay then."

"I love you." He whispered


i didn't want to say i love him back, because i don't. Hes the only one I have left, even Harry left me, Literally he left me alone to die here while he went on tour.


"I love you too." i mumbled before hanging up and going back to trying to brush my teeth.

All of a sudden, Jarom called again.

What do you want Jarom?" i grunted

"Come over quick" He stated 

"But im still in my pajamas!"

"Just come over." He repeated before hanging up on me.




When I walked to his house I hesitated before knocking on the door. Before my knuckles hit the wood the door swung open and Jarom stood in front of me with open arms.

"Where have you been?" He smiled while pulling me inside.


"I'm here now, what did you want Jarom?"

"To cuddle" He giggled as he sat me down on the couch.

i choked on my words "Are you serious..."

"No i wanted to spend some time with you." He smirked


We sat and talked for awhile before he put in the movie "Warm bodies."


"Why cant we have a love like that" he cooed. He tucked a piece of hair behind my ear before i responded "A love like what?"


"Unconditional love."  he stated looking back at the movie screen. "A love where you can be able to love each other no matter what happens."


We sat in silence for the rest of the movie. Moments like this remind me of before my dad died. Moments like this remind me why I liked Jarom in the first place, and reminded me of my feelings for him.


"There's something i need to tell you..." he muttered


No.NO NO NO NO NO. He isn't breaking up with me. He wouldn't Hes all I have. Harry is gone. He is the only one that has been here for me this whole time, not Harry. Jarom wouldn't drag me to his house and force me to cuddle with him while watching a movie to tell me he wants to break up with me... would he?


"Your breaking up with me aren't you." I stated.

suddenly all of my emotions i've had for what felt my whole life bursted out of me


"No no no Shhh baby don't cry I would never do that to you."


I wiped a tear from my eye "What do you mean?"

"I did some research..." Jarom trailed off.

"Well? What did you find out!" I said standing up beside him and making him pay attention to me.


"I actually found the killer." He mumbled

i gasped in suprise "Who is it?"


"Mary..." he cooed

"Who is it!" I giggled with a smile brighter than the horizon lit up on my face.


"Your mom." he said full of sorrow.

I took a step back and let what he said sink in. no no it wasn't my mom it couldn't be my mom my mom loved my dad my mom loved me I thought she loved me she wouldn't do that to me she couldn't.


"Jarom don't lie to me." I questioned


"I'm sorry... I'm here for you." he said glazing his words.

"No." I stated stepping back "Your lying to me. No she didn't"

"I looked at the police files  and the types of knives you have in your kitchen and the fingerprints and it all made sense to me Mary, I would never lie to you." 

"YOUR LYING!" I shouted and ran out the door.


running out into the thunder I remembered my mother had dropped me off. Not wanting to call her, I ran as fast as i could.


Raindrops were splashing into my eyes  as I ran in the rain. With every step I made more and more water soaked my feet. Thunder crashed as I turned the corner of the street already running 2 blocks. Adrenaline ran through my veins and anger filled my thoughts as I ran as well. My mom couldn't do that to me. I wouldn't her. I ran faster than I did before. Thinking of my way to handle the situation. Soaking wet, I ran and ran until I reached the doorstep of my house. Thinking hard, I watched the water drip from my soaking pajamas waiting for a plan to hit me. Then one did.









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