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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


12. Mom

I barged back into the house marching straight to the kitchen where my mother was cleaning dishes.


"where were you?" she smiled

"Nowhere." I responded.

"I called your name a few times, i guess thats why-"

"DId you kill dad" i asked cutting straight to the point.

she turned around in shock and dropped a plate "What?"

"you heard me!" I shouted

"Honey, i know its a tough thing that your father passed away and it hurts me too but finding out who killed him won't bring him back."

"So you did kill him" i asked again

"Mary, i'm very upset too but that doesn't make it okay to go around blaming others. what makes you think I killed him?"


"Statistics" I replied after Moments of thinking

"where did you get these statistics? The police?" she asked

i responded "Jarom."


she paused for a Moment, then suddenly her facial ezpression turned angry. "You would believe Jarom over your own mother?"


"he pointed out facts Mom."


"Like what" she said defending herself "What makes you think i would have killed your father and my husband!"


"All the evidence lead to you Mom. Jarom explained-"

"Jarom is just a boy Mary, I am your mother! you will meet new boys!" she shouted





suddenly tears poured out of her eyes but she covered them up letting her hair hang down as she leaned against the granite counter top.


"Go..." she whispered through her sobs

"Mom i'm sorry i-"

"Go, get out of here!" she shouted angrily "No daughter of mine is going to accuse me of killing my own husband."


"But Mom i was just asking you if you did i'm-"

"your not my daughter." she gutted through her teeth.


my heart shattered into a million pieces. i couldn't choke up a single word to say to her. It felt like i had swallowed a brick. She has never said anything derogatory to me before. The only thing i could do is run. Run. Far away from here just run. I ran out the door and started to run to the only place i could run. Jarom's


immediately the water splashed my face and thunder pounded against the night sky. running down the familiar road i reached Jarom's house where he amost i'mmediately answered the door.


"Come here." he said before pulling me into a big bear hug, forcing all the tears i have ever had to irrupt out of my eyes. .


"Don't cry, you can sleep here," he said guiding me inside where he then grabbed a towel for me to dry myself off with.


"Thank you Jarom" I said wiping my eyes with it.


"So do you want to sleep with me tonight?" he asked while rubbing down my back

"i'm okay." i smiled

"I'll take the couch then." 

i nodded my head in disagreement "i'm sleeping here, go to bed"


slowly he wobbled up the stairs and whispered goodnight before turning off the lights in his room.


i checked my phone one last time before bed to realize i had a few missed calls. I looked at the calls to see I had 7 Missed calls from my Mom and one from... Harry?


i immediately shot up off the couch and crept outside onto the front yard to call Harry.


"Hello?" he said shakily

I took a sigh of relief "Harry!"

"Mary..." He smiled through the phone 

"How are things?" i asked

"bad." he replied

"How so?" i asked


"I miss you"


"I miss you too." I smiled.

"How are you doing?" He asked becoming more serious before I busted into tears.

"We found the killer and I think its my Mom" I cried

"Don't worry everything is okay. i'm sure she didn't do it."

"She didn't deny it either" I said reassuring myself.

"I wish I could be there for you Mary but-"

"Your tour I know." I laughed.

"i have to go now." Harry sighed

i sighed as well "I'll miss you"


"I love you Mary"


"I love you too Harry." I replied before hanging up the phone and sneaking back inside to the couch. Luckily Jarom didn't wake up and catch me talking to Harry. 


I sat nuzzled against the couch and pondered the days events. Did Harry mean he loved me? Because he and I both know I have a boyfriend who I love dearly. here I am sleeping in my boyfriends house, and yet,

I don't love my boyfriend as much as I love Harry.


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