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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


5. Lunch


Mary's P.O.V

I'm so angry at Jarom


I'm ready to rip the skin off of his face with my fingernails that's how i angry i am with him. He had the nerve to do that to everyone in the class, including harry. Not that it mattered of course, It was probably just awkward from him. Jarom kissing me in front of everyone is his way of marking his territory, which is better than leaving a hickey like most guys do now-a-days. But i couldn't leave him. He was the only person i had left.


"Hey baby, whats new?" he asked wiping his lips and sitting next to me.

i sighed "Not much"

"Are you sure babe?" he said looking back at harry, who was playing with a calculator, probably because he didn't know how to use one, which made me chuckle. 


"Yeah, yeah no everything's fine nothings wrong" i stuttered trying to smile the best that i could."everything's fine except for the fact that the nerd in the back of the class is harry styles and hes only here because of me being stupid"


"Okay..." he said furrowing an eyebrow and looked up at the front of the class where the teacher started to preach


"So today we have a new student class, lets all give a warm welcome to our new student, Marcel" he announced gesturing to Harry/Marcel in the back of the room acting shy.

Mr. Rogers quickly changed the subject back to English and continued with the lesson.

the rest of the day dragged on painfully. that is until lunch of course.


"Hey!" Harry said running after me and grabbing me by the arm.

"Marcel, what are you doing?" i teased going along with wherever he was dragging me.

he chuckled before responding "i'm taking you out."

"Good because i need food, like really bad." i stated bluntly as i followed him out of the school and back into his limo


Harry's P.O.V

i watched her as she got out her phone and checked something i couldn't see, making the car ride awkward. during the spare silence i thought about what had happened hours earlier. who was that guy?


"So... what was that guy chewing on your face about in first period" i asked trying to not sound like a creep.


"Oh.... that..." she hesitated "That's Jarom... my boyfriend"

"Boyfriend" i choked on my own words

"Yeah..." she said looking back down at her phone.

"he seems like a pretty" i tried thinking of the right words, "Decent guy"

she sighed "Yeah..."


Mary's P.O.V

decent is far from it. but he cares about me a lot. and i wouldn't want to hurt him, on purpose at least...

"So where exactly are we going?" i asked trying to forget about Jarom.


"Nandos!" he smirked looking over at me.

I put my phone away and sighed "oh my gosh i eat there everyday! can we please go somewhere else! I'm tired of going! people go they're way too much!"

he laughed before responding "I know, i was just kidding, I have somewhere better" 

"And where is that?" i smiled 

"its a surprise" he laughed and opened the door for me

when i stepped out of the door i arrived at someones... house? 

"Where are we?" I asked looking around at the neighborhood, i didn't know where we were at all.

"Are we still in Los Angeles?" i asked again, not letting him respond.

"Yes, just come on." he said taking me by the hand and going up to the porch steps to knock on the door. 

"Harry where are we!" i smiled now really confused. I didn't want to just show up at some random person's house. i mean what if we didn't even get food and this was his plan all along? 


"ZAYN! Harry shouted wrestling someone down who answered the door for us.

"Get off my Harry..." Zayn grunted, pushing Harry off him and standing straight up while dusting himself off.


i laughed "Hi, my name is M-"

"Mary Ann, its nice to meet you" Zayn interrupted, finishing my sentence.

"Harry told us you were coming, he said something about not getting enough fun in your life?" he giggled before looking at Harry who was blushing.


"What else has he told you?" i questioned, not taking my eyes off harry who was now talking to Niall and Liam about something, occasionally glancing over back at me to see if i was still staring.


"Anyway your probably hungry and you only have an hour to eat so lets get started!" Louis said interrupted Zayn's babbling.


"Get... started?" I asked a bit confused.


"You'll see." Harry said guiding me to the back Yard where we found. a pasta bar with three whole tables full of toppings!


"You guys! This is amazing!" i shrieked while running over and hugging each of the boys.

 Niall laughed "We didn't know what type of pasta you liked, so we kind of just got-"

"the whole store..." Liam mumbled interrupting Liam.


we went around and served ourselves up pasta, and then sat ourselves down on a table they had set up for us as well


"So why are you wearing that ridiculous get-up?" Louis asked as he sat down which made Niall fall out of his chair laughing, even though it wasn't that funny.


"Its kind of my fault..." i mumbled trailing off.

"Why?" Zayn harmlessly asked causing all eyes to be on me, including Harry's, which in fact were intensely staring, hoping i didnt say anything that would screw him over.


"I don't want to talk about it.." i stuttered picking at the food on my plate.

"C'mon just tell us" Louis said chiming in.

i sighed "I just don't want to-" 

 Niall laughed "Just tell us! its not like its going to kill-"

"I JUST DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT! CAN'T YOU JUST RESPECT SOMEONES PRIVACY!" i shouted before turning bright red. i looked around to see everyone else's faces were snow white with a picture of shock cemented on their faces. all except for harry's face, who was completely embarrassed for me.


i ran back through the house and out into the limo that was waiting for us outside of the house. when i got in i realized i was being followed by Harry.


"Look im sorr-" he said before i cut him off

"Save it i just want to go back to school" i grumbled. I never thought i would actually hear myself say that, but i did.

He nodded "Whatever."








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