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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


3. he did what?


Mary's P.O.V



This was terrible. He was going to get in trouble and it was all my fault.

"Have a seat" The man said gesturing for me and harry to sit down, so we did.


Harry gave me a glare before sitting down making me shiver out of my skin. I didn't even want to be here. I wanted to run out of the door and pretend like nothing ever happened. But he's the one getting the butt end of the bread here, being stuck with a girl as repulsive as me, nobody liked me, and now he didn't either. I couldn't even imagine how much he hated me right now.


Harry's P.O.V


I admit, I was being a little insensitive, but what can you expect? I was already under a lot of pressure from the media, not enough pressure to kill myself of course, but what could have driven her to killing herself? Its going to kill me until I find out.


"My Name is Simon Cowell. Nice to meet you." Simon said offering a hand to the girl to shake.


she tucked her hand awkwardly back into her lap and stared at me, then Simon, then back at me.


"May I ask for your name?" Simon asked politely looking over at her waiting for a reply.


I had completely forgot to ask her, her name. She probably thinks I'm rude. and i couldn't blame her, because i have been blaming everything on her. Maybe she wont affect my job after all?

"Mary, Mary Ann" she replied hesitantly looking back down into her lap as if she was hiding something.


Mary Ann I replayed in my head. Mary Ann was her name? Its simple, but suits her. What was her last name?

"What's your last name?" I blurted out forgetting I was already in the middle of another conversation.


she looked over at me a bit startled and replied "Gonzalez, Mary Gonzalez."


"Where do you attend school?" Simon asked before i could respond to my question I had asked her moments before.


she sighed before replying "Juniper High"

"Juniper high like the tree." I snickered causing Mary and Simon to both scowl at me before continuing with the ongoing conversation.


"Harry, you will be attending Juniper High along with Miss. Mary Ann Gonzalez." he said shuffling papers then banging them on the table to organize themselves before standing up to go.


"SIMON NO." I announced before snatching the stack of papers from him and messing up his organization. "This isn't fair! Why will I be attending 'Juniper high with Miss. Mary Ann Gonzalez' I Mocked trying to mimic Simons voice.

"You will be going to school undercover. Your new name will be Marcel Stubbs. If you do, we have a surprise for you in store.Your publicity outbursts are putting a bad reputation on your name, Harry. It will only be for a day and nobody would know its you. Its just like that relaxing thing you always dreamed about!" He said not letting me utter a word in between.


"I don't get too much publicity." I scoffed. they were being ridiculous. "Name ONE publicity outburst"


Simon snatched the papers i had taken out of his hand and shuffled around a few before finding an article warm still from the printer that read "Harry Styles Commits" and how "Pressure of celebrity life is too much for Harry to handle" Which made me rip the paper in half.


I Stood up causing my chair that I was sitting on to tip over and yelled "THIS IS HER FAULT!" pointing over at Mary causing her to jerk up out of her seat as well.


she stuttered before saying "I DONT EVEN WANT TO BE HERE!"




"YOU ARE THE REASON I DONT WANT TO LIVE ANYMORE!" she shouted with her face turning bright red. My face turned bright pale in shock before she ran out slamming the door behind her.


I can't believe I just did that.


i cannot believe I just did that.


I let my anger get the best of me. Simons going to kill me. Mary is going to kill herself. everyone is going to be killed and it was all my bloody fault.


I looked at Simon when he responded "I thought you would want to be with your girlfriend."

I snapped back "SHES NOT MY GIRLFRIEND." before I sprinted out the door running after Mary. stupid stupid stupid.

I was about to keep running before I saw Mary sitting by a soda machine down another hall.. I stopped in my tracks pacing back and approached her gently sitting by her side.


this was all my fault.



Mary's P.O.V

this was all my fault

none of this would have happened if I wasn't even born. Maybe none of this would have happened if I haven't tried to kill myself. Maybe I should have waited until tomorrow.


"Please don't cry, please don't cry" Harry panicked trying to calm me down. Which by the way, wasn't helping.


"I'm not crying." I smirked looking down at the ground watching a tear drip down my cheekbone and fall down onto the tile below.


"yeah... you are." Harry said putting his arm around me.


Harry's P.O.V

Did I actually just do that?

i was just trying to be comforting. She's been through a lot, and i had no right to say those things.

"I had no right to say those things back there. I'm just upset and I guess I had let it out on you. You have to let your stress out someway, and i guess you know how that feels." i said rubbing my hand that was around her up and down her arm.


"I'm not upset though, I'm fine" she lied. I could totally tell.

"I see it in your eyes." I said taking it back after i had said it. I have to admit; It was pretty cheesy 

she let out a small breath and smirked. - I guess i wasn't the only one who thought it was.

"I guess you were right, It was being kind of stupid." she added glancing up at me; still having my arm around her shoulder.

we sat in silence, probably thinking about the past day, before she interrupted the quiet.

"I guess I should thank you" she said coming closer and leaning on my chest. 


"For what?" I laughed. Still thinking about why she was resting her head on me.

"For saving me from doing anything stupid." She said nuzzling into my chest.


I sighed breaking the silence. "I should probably get you home, its getting late."

"I was just thinking that." she said gesturing a hand out for me to help her up.


I grabbed her up and yanked her to her feet causing her to come a bit closer than we intended. her eyes millimeters away from mine opened wide. I never noticed how pretty her brown eyes were until they were this close to mine.


she blinked and looked away trying to recover from the awkward situation, and walked to the car in the dark. when we got to her house I thought the right thing to do would be to walk her to her door.


"See you tomorrow then?" she smiled opening the front door a crack then pausing waiting for a response.


i looked at her confused. "what?" on earth was she talking about.


"School..." she said like it was obvious. duh.


i got back in the car and was about to close the door "Oh yeah right... school... see you tomorrow." 

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