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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


1. Don't do it


"Mary, i'm ashamed and embarrassed to say this, because  you're the last person in the world who deserves this b-" he breathed heavily into his speakers.

"so you knew all along, Jarom?" i cracked my voice shaking slightly.

"i can explain-" he spoke before i tapped end and threw my phone against the wall and then curled up into a ball and cried.




i stood up and  dusted  myself  off  throwing  my hood back on and running out of the school. i wish i could just run away from myself, my problems, my past, but i couldn't. they would follow me wherever i go no matter how hard i try to get rid of them.

i kept running in hopes of running to a nearby bridge, where i could finally stop all the things that i could never get rid of from following me.

i ran farther and farther until i reached a highway that had almost no traffic whatsoever. i crossed the street and ran to the edge looking down on the concrete below. This jump could definitely kill me.if i jumped, everyone's lives would be easier, and people wouldn't have to give me distrustful and sympathetic looks. No more looks, no more  madness, no more Mary Ann. 

i saw a light post sprouting out from the bridge's edges and grasped it, carefully hoisting myself onto the ledge wall of the highway. looking down onto the road planning the  easiest way to end my suffering. looking down, I  held my breath  and shakily inched  out on a pole sticking out of the side of the highway. I  walked out three steps breathing in the surroundings, and listening to the birds chirping and the highway below, until I  heard someone.

Harrys P.O.V

:"i know i know ill be there i promise" i sighed before hanging up the phone. i was so done with all these places i had to go. Not a moments rest anywhere.

i looked out the window of the limo out on the field just outside. sometimes i wish i could live somewhere just for a little while where i could have some peace and quiet time to myself. it would be so much easier to write songs and relax that way. its hard to write calm and relaxing songs when your life is the complete opposite, the freeway exit was up ahead so the highway started to look higher up. slowing down for cars getting on the freeway, i noticed a girl standing on the side of the road, hoisting herself up onto the ledge."PAUL! STOP THE CAR!"


Mary Ann's P.O.V

i was about to jump before i heard a plead to stop, from a familiar voice. i turned around to find out it was coincidentally Harry Styles from the boy band "One Direction."  "Don't do this..." harry cooed cautiously reaching over towards me, offering me a hand  while looking down into the dark foggy abyss."Why do you care? You've never met me before, why does it matter to you if i die today or not?" i spat turning my head around to look at him. he was actually quite cunning. its sad that i actually had someone caring for my well-being for a change, but i had already made up my mind, and not even Harry Styles could change it.


i bent my knees ready to jump before i felt two large hands wrap around my waist and drag me back behind the railing.


"Who do you think you are?!?" i said elbowing him in the stomach causing him to wince in pain ;and release his grip.

"it Doesn't matter who i am, it matters who- who you wouldn't have been if you would have jumped." harry wheezed trying to breath while clutching his bruised rib cage.

i looked down at the ground processing what he had just said, he did have a point. but it didnt matter. i had no future anyway. i adjusted my hoodie hiding it from the light post above us, it was dark out and cold as well.


"So why on earth would-" Harry started before being interrupted by screeches from cars stopping and pulling over to the side."is that harry styles?" i heard one news reporter say before i was whisked into harry's limo and stolen driving who-knows-where.

"do you think that they saw you?" He asked bending down trying to look at my face which i had kept hidden under my hood until now. "i'm pretty sure they didn't" i said taking off my hoodie to reveal my full face shape. Harry's eyes widened and he leaned back in his seat and attached a seat belt.


"You know, its a good thing you didnt jump." harry smirked trying not to look me in the eyes.

"And why is that?" i scoffed crossing my arms and legs while rolling my eyes.

"Because it would have been a shame a girl as beautiful as yourself, would be driven to..." He said looking me in the eyes at first then drifting off.


i sat there pondering what he could have mean't. "Was he really talking about me?".


"So where are we going then?" i asked breaking free from my train of thought and entering back into a world we call reality.


he sat there thinking for a minute, then replied "Well... i was on my way to a photo shoot,"


i sighed "So what about me?"


he smirked and licked his teeth with his mouth still closed, "i guess your coming with me."





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