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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


15. Court


I bit my lip thinking hard about what i was going to do.


i know it was Jarom.


i know it.


That means he lied to me when it happened. He lied to me about my mother. He lied to me about half my life. He made everyone hate me. He made my own mother...


My mom... My mom!


i have to stop this. I have to stop this


Thanked the officer and ran back into the courtroom where everyone had taken a break from the case, but assembled when i walked into the room.


"With much thought, we have decided her sentence." The judge said to the crowd with members of the jury nodding in agreement. "10 years of prison and 5 years of community service, if any misbehavior of any kind happens there will be an automatic execution."


 I gasped in horror absorbing every last word the Judge had to say before i ran over to my  mom who was in tears and held her hand.


"I know it wasn't you mom, sit tight I will get you out of this. I'm so sorry." I whispered, placing my forehead against hers while looking down our shoes. "I love you"


"I love you more" she spoke before being whisked away by police and taken into further questioning.


"NOOO!" i screamed, letting my sobs carry my words before i collapsed with emotions weighing me down to the ground.


"everything will be fine." Jarom reassured me.


I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to hurt him so bad right now. I wanted to pin him to the ground and stab the life out of him right now. But he doesn't know i know his secret. and i can't tell anybody that I know. Not even harry.


Harry Already knows that Jarom is abusive. And if Jarom found out that i told Harry that he was abusive, i either could wind up living with my mother, or my father. And both parents weren't the best people to live with at the moment.


Jarom drove me home where he then cooked Lasagna and Fruit salad. It was quiet before the doorbell rang breaking the silence. I got up out of my seat and answered it to find that it was a man holding a briefcase. "May i come in?" He stated not even letting me respond before he rudely barged inside Jarom's house and set up whatever he was doing.


"Hello Mary, My name is Christopher, and I need to talk to you about your new living arrangement."


"New living arrangement?" I questioned.


"You are correct." he responded "We can put you up for adoption as soon as we find out more information about your mother, but first would you rather prefer somewhere local or relocation?"


i blinked a few times trying to think of a way to respond. If i was relocated, i wouldn't  be able to see harry again. Harry's second house is here. and i don't know where on earth they would relocate me. And if i was somewhere local, i would get new parents. And I don't want new parents, I want my mother.


"But I turn 18 in two weeks!" I complained "Isn't there any way I can stay with Jarom?"


"What if i proposed to her?" Jarom blurted out, causing Christopher to fall back in his chair in suprise.


"What do you mean by that?" Christopher responded.


"What if i want to marry Mary?" Jarom said standing up now grabbing my hand in comportment


"Well i suppose it would mean Mary would live with you, and inherit all of her mothers belongings, including her economics," Christopher said not taking his eyes off of me.


 Jarom breathed heavily "What do you say Mary, will you marry me?".


My heart beat went faster then usual as adrenaline pushed through my body and i started to sweat. Jarom was right, he was legally allowed to marry me, since he was already 18 years of age, but that would mean i couldn't be with Harry. But if i say no, Who knows what Jarom will do to me.


"Then its settled! i guess i'm marrying Jarom!" I lied while plastering a smile on my face.


Christopher congratulated us before leaving us alone in the house with nothing making noise but the thoughts in my mind.


Jarom didn't want to marry me, he wanted my mothers inheritance. He never loved me. He had planned to take my mothers fortune away from her from the beginning didn't he. when he called me from the hospital three years ago telling me that my father had passed away, I felt like he was the only person in the world that mean't something to me. But now, everything has changed. I didn't want to marry Jarom. Not one bit! I don't want to marry Jarom because i love Harry.


I love harry.




I love Harry and i'm not going to let Jarom get away with this. I'm not going to marry Jarom. All i have to think of is a way out without hurting anyone I love. But how?


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