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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


21. bumpers and windows

"Why can't their be an us"

"Because i don't love you, I love harry"

No words were spoken. All was quiet, for his face explained everything.

'"You- you never loved me." I whispered as a tear spilt from my eye.

"I blamed it on your mother so there would be no problems between us, I thought you understood me better than I could understand myself. You are my life. You were my life."


"Well honestly Jarom, I never loved you." I said now full of anger. After all he has done he still thinks I should love him?


"But why" he whispered


"Jarom, You killed my father, you framed my mother, you abused me-"

"You think I'm abusive?" he interrupted

"Jarom you hurt me. emotionally and physically."

"Since you never loved me, I suppose this, will hurt worse than anything I did to you."

He pulled out a gun from his jacket pocket and traced his fingers on the sides.

"Compared to this, I think that I look like a better option"

"Men don't tease or hurt their girlfriends" I crossed my arms, voice shaking now more than ever.

Jarom scoffed a grin and said "What man doesn't tease their girlfriend?"


"A good man" someone said from the distance.


"YOU COME ANY CLOSER AND I'LL SHOOT HER" Jarom immediately shouted, making my breathing scarce.


"no you won't" The voice; which I recognized was a man's confronted Jarom.


"what make's you think that" Jarom scowled, not taking the gun off my direction.


"You still love her." The voice said coming closer than ever, making me realize who he was.

"If I can't be with her, nobody can." Jarom hissed making the gun point closer to me, almost mentally pushing me off the bridge lamp post I was still standing on.


"One shoot and its over." Jarom mumbled "even if the bullet grazes her shoulder she will still fall."


"Look up at the stars." the man spoke "There's one million stars, and yet, you can only see ten or twenty."


"what does that have to do with anything" Jarom said, still looking up.


"Oh nothing, it just reminds us all that- MARY DUCK"


I quickly ducked as I watched the man tackle Jarom that was looking up at the stars to the ground making him shoot his gun and have the bullet fly past where my head once was.


"Why did you call her after I told you not to." Jarom hissed still pinned down with the gun in hand.

"Because I wanted to talk to her, I needed to know she was okay." The person struggled to say against the effort he put into wrestling Jarom. The gun let off a loud bang and popped the tire of Jarom's car a few feet away, followed by many other bullets pelting his bumpers and windows.

Jarom shot his gun until he could control his arm again and looked up at jarom with a sickening grin. "I have one bullet left."

"Shoot me, I don't care" The boy shouted followed by relentless grunts and struggles of pinning Jarom to the asphalt.

It was dark and I couldn't see how to get off the pole, so I couldn't help Him fight Jarom, but I wish I could have. Jarom pointed the gun and let out a sigh of laughter before pulling the trigger.

"HARRY NO" I whaled. It was all I could do

Blood oozed out of jaroms ribcage and onto his jacket along with shouts of pain and misery.

In confusion, Harry got up and watched as the cops came and looked at Jarom who they had watched shoot himself.


"Harry did he just-" I stuttered, paralyzed at what I had just witnessed.

"He will be fine Mary just listen to me" Harry calmly stated over the breathing of my hyperventilation. "LISTEN TO ME" he shouted making me stop my repetitive breathing.

 "don't be afraid." harry cooed cautiously reaching over towards me, offering me a hand  while looking down into the dark foggy abyss. I graciously accepted his hand and stepped down carefully where I fell into his arms.

"Mary..." Jarom whispered looking up at me. The police had called an ambulance for Jarom and a tow for his car parked in the middle of the bridge.

"I will always love you." Jarom whispered before getting taken into the ambulance.


I looked back at Harry "why did you come? I thought you were on tour and how did you-"

"When we were on the phone the other day, the line cut. I tried to call you back but you didn't answer. I got worried so I came looking for you to make sure you were okay." Harry huffed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer

"You made it just in time" I smiled

"It isn't the first time.." he smirked leaning closer

 "you always come when I need you the most."

"Getting pulled closer, we looked into each others eyes and kissed for the first time. It felt like the first time I had ever kissed someone. And was the only kiss that had ever Meant anything to me out of all the many, many, Many times ive-"


"They get it." Harry laughed pulling me closer.


"I guess you could say after that, Mary and I lived happily ever after." Harry stated

"No that's gay." I laughed

he chuckled "You think?"

"Yeah," I giggled " there's still more to tell, like how mom got out of jail, how Niall got a girlfriend after months and months of loneliness- oh! and what happened to Darci, Harry's stylist-"

but that's all another story.













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