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  • Published: 27 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 12 Feb 2014
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i don't really know how to describe this book, just kinda read it and find out.


13. Australia


Harry's P.O.V

I sat quietly waiting for the taxi i had asked to pick me up from the airport. The lads were already at the hotel, but I had stopped to pick up a few things. I looked over and checked the time to see it was 12:19 and i had asked them to send the taxi for me at 12 o'clock. hopefully nothing happened or else i would feel responsible. suddenly a group of girls walked up to me giggling. And for a moment, I actually forgot who i was, and why they were coming up to me.


"Are you Harry styles?" A girl dragging a suitcase said. she had a long one direction lanyard and a big smile on her face.


"yes, that's me!" I smiled "Do you want a picture"

"Yes please!" the girl said before sitting down on my lap making her friend take her picture. each girl took their turn taking a picture with me before scrolling through them all giggling, Then they walked away

"Thank you" One shy girl muttered back to me.

"No problem" I winked making her squeal with excitement.


When the taxi pulled up, my face turned red with anger as i marched up to the window demanding an explanation.


"you are 30 minutes late! why is this?" i shouted while hopping in the car.

"my apologies sir, you see my wife, she was almost killed today. earlier this morning someone stabbed her and she went to intensive care. not to mention she has a baby girl due soon-"


the man went on as i zoned out turning snow pale in the face. I was such a jerk to this poor man and I couldn't feel anything but guilt.


"I am so sorry." I stuttered "If i would have known i-"

"its my fault." he said pulling up to the hotel. "Have a good day."

"I'm sorry, and congratulations on the baby, what have you decided on naming her?" i asked while holding the door open


"Mary" he said before shutting the door and driving away,

i stood there in awe before walking into the hotel. Did I hear that right? Did he say marry? he could have said Larry or Gary, but i'm positive he said it was a girl. Terry or Perry? I wondered as i walked to the guest services.


"Can i get a room mary?" i asked

"Excuse me?" the clerk asked before I realized what I had said.

"key, I meant key." i said shaking my mistake off my shoulders.

she sighed "Here you go, Floor 3 room 287." she smiled after handing me a room key.

"Thanks" i muttered before reaching the elevator.

Pressing the elevator button, i waited patiently for it to come.When the arrow pointing up lit, i grabbed my bag and got ready to walk on before i saw Zayn, Full on with some girl in a bikini.

"Excuse us." the girl snarled before Zayn covered her mouth

"Your lucky it was me who walked in, Zayn" I smirked before pressing the "up" button.

"well" Zayn laughed "Were going to the pool if you want to join us."

"I'll catch up with you sometime." i muttered before they walked out, and the elevator shut causing them to hear me no longer.


When I got to my room fell back on the bed in exhaustion. We had flown all night, and i hadn't gotten any sleep on the plane. The boys probably were sleeping while I was out, but I still don't understand why they would go swimming this early in the morning.


four months into the tour and i already wanted to just relax. I don't know why, but Mary was constantly on my mind. Everything reminded me of her. But being too tired to keep my eyes open, I drifted off into a effortless slumber.


"HARRY" someone shouted from afar. The room i was in smelt like smoke, and the room was pitch black and stretched for miles.


"Harry" Someone shouted again I ran as fast as i could until i could run no longer. Wheezing for breath, i effortlessly shouted "Mary?"


"Harry!" The voice shouted again. easily i heard where it was coming from and ran as fast as my legs could carry me until i reached a corner where i found a figure before me.

"Mary..." I sighed in relief as i went to hug her, to realize it was not her, for it was a man with no face holding a knife. Inching it closer and closer to my neck.


"I'm not Mary..." the voice said making it clear to me who it was, Jarom.


"AAAAH" i screamed rolling over off of the bed and landing hard on the ground with a loud "Thud"


"Harry, are you alright?" Louis wondered in confusion

"Yeah yeah, i'm alright, it was just a dream I suppose."

"just a dream?" Louis smiled

"Yeah, what do you mean?" I questioned him

"You know," He replied "Dreams come from memories."

"I'm pretty sure Jarom holding a knife to my neck isn't a memory..."

"Who knows, it could be someday." He smiled and got into the fridge they had in the suite.

"Hey who's Jarom?" Louis asked seconds after shoving a mouthful of bread into his mouth

"Mary's boyfriend." i stuttered

He choked on his food "she has a boyfriend?"

"Yeah.." I stated "But she doesn't like him because hes abusive."

"You can't go for another girl, its in the guyble." He laughed


"What guyble?" i asked rhetorically before changing the subject. "And i don't like Mary, I'm her good friend."


"Sure, whatever." Louis said before walking out of the room and back down to the pool.

I looked at the clock to realize it was 4:45 and I hadn't even met them down at the pool like i had promised them. Quickly i stumbled out of bed and struggled to put my swimsuit on before i grabbed my room key and my phone and ran out the door hurrying to the pool to meet the boys that were anxiously waiting for me.




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