Let Me Love You

Having Justin Bieber trying to get you to love him is any girls dream right? Well, that is Maria Rosas reality. But here's the catch: she strongly dislikes him. She can just avoid him, can't she? Not when they are both co-staring in a movie where they must fall in love. Will Maria find love with Justin? Or will she hate him even more? Find out in Let Me Love You!


8. Chapter 6

*Justin's POV*
           I pulled up to Chuck E. Cheeses at exactly 4:00. I got out of my car and dragged my feet so that I would take that much longer. The girl at the front stared at me in shock when I walked through the door. 
           "Please don't scream!" I pleaded. The last thing I needed was for the paparazzi e to capture this.
           "C-c-can I h-hug you?" She stuttered out. I nodded my head and gave her a hug. When she finally let go, she slipped a slip of paper into my hand, a phone number, maybe? She finally stamped my hand and let me through. I looked around for the girl, when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around, still searching for Maria.
           "Hi! My name is Brianna Sanchez." She said, and stuck out her hand. I absentmindedly shook it. A part of my mind noticed that she was way to perky for my liking.
           "That's great, but I'm kind of looking for someone." I said, looking around to make sure Maria wasn't here.
           "That would be me." She said. I looked at her, clearly confused.
           "Aren't you  Ian Smith's girlfriend?" I asked, suddenly focusing on her. Ian Smith was part of the boy band The Unforgettables.
           "Nope. My job is to hide the fact that someone's gay. A beard, you might like to call it." She said simply. 'What kind of job was that?' I thought inside my head.
           "I never pegged you as being gay though." Brianna added on.
           "I'm not!" I almost yelled.
           "Then why am I here?" She asked in a 'duh' voice.
           "Because my manager is a d-bag."
            "Let's get down to business then." She and she started to lean in, and I leaned back. 
            "But she isn't even here yet!" I protested.
            "Do I look like I care?" Brianna said, pointing to her face. And she quickly leaned in and crashed her lips onto mine before I can say or do anything.

*Maria's POV*

           I checked myself in the car mirror one last time before I stepped out. This time I was wearing hardly any make-up. Just some simple clear lip gloss and mascara. Then a question popped into my head. Was I going through all this trouble for Justin?
           I shook my head, no. We were just friends and it was going to stay that way. And with new found confidence, I opened the car door and walked into the Chuck E. Cheeses. My eyes search the room for Justin, but they didn't have to search very far. And what I saw literally broke me.
           I stared for a few minutes, not sure if I should believe my eyes. Maybe it was the screaming of the little kids that was affecting my vision? But there was no doubt about it. Justin was kissing a random girl. When we were supposed to hang out! I felt tears brimming in my eyes as I ran out to my car. The girl looked at me like I had an extra head, but quickly waved it off.
           "Don't want to interrupt their fun." I said bitterly as I walked briskly to my car. Why would Justin do this?! Why would he kiss someone when we were supposed to meet up? Why, why, why?! Did he do this on purpose? Did he just pretend to want to be a friend, just to break me into a million pieces?
           No, I was not going to let this break me! I thought in my head with ferocity. I slammed the car door so loud that I scared myself. As I waited for my heart to calm down, a heard someone knocking on the car window. The last person I wanted to see right now was standing outside of my car. I rolled down the window to speak to him.
           "What?" I barked out. But I was so angry, I didn't even care.
           "Can you let me explain what happened in there?" Justin asked with a pained expression. My heart faltered at his expression, but then remembered who it was, and was at it's same angry pace.
           "No need to explain anything." I said with my poker face on.
           "Please?" He asked, with the same pained expression, but he seemed in even more pain now. Did he really care of what I thought about him so much? Who was I compared to him?
           "You know, I really have to go." I said and glanced at his emotionless face.
           "If you won't let me explain to you, then I'll show you." He said determinedly, and the next thing I knew, I was feeling his warm, soft lips on mine. Being caught by surprise, I found myself kissing back. 
           After about 20 seconds, I jerked my head back. What was I doing?! I was supposed to hate him, not kissing him in a parking lot! 
           "What was that for?!" I demanded.
           "Isn't it obvious?" He asked.
           "Isn't what obvious?" I asked, genuinely confused.
           "That I like you more than a friend?" He asked rather than told me. My stomach felt funny when he said that. But not in that butterflies-in-my-stomach way, but in the way that I felt my lunch coming back up.
           "Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't even like you as a friend anymore." I said with as much venom as I can muster.
           "Why the hell did you kiss back then?" He asked, biting his lip again.
           "I have to go." I said, and drove off before I could answer. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Justin standing just as I had left him, as if he was frozen in shock. I shook my head to clear it.
          "Think straight, Maria. He's still the guy that causes scandals every other week." I breathed, as my heart was still racing from the kiss. It was official, I hated Justin Drew Bieber. And nothing will get me to feel the same way again.

*Justin's POV*

           I stood in the exact same position and spot in shock. Maria kissed back. If she said that she hated me, than why did she kiss back? Girls can be so confusing! 
           My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a scream. I turned to the sound sharply. It was about 20 beliebers! How did they find me?! Do they work for the F.B.I?!  Maybe. More started gathering as if one of them had sent up a signal to then all. I love them, and I wouldn't be where I am without them, but some of them don't respect my privacy!
           I ran as fast as I could to my car, but they beat me to it. Suddenly, my ears were filled with the sound of them screaming and tugging at me.
            "Girls! Please, calm down?" I asked, annoyance clear in my voice.
           "Is it true that you just kissed Maria Rosas?" One girl called out. I faced her.
           "Yes." I told her, then the onslaught of insults to Maria began.
           "She's ugly!" One yelled.
           "She is too skinny!" Another one shrieked.
           "She looks like a anorexic freak!" Okay, that one crossed the line. As I was about to yell at them, a girl spoke up.
           "You guys, shut up! Maria is perfect and you guys are jealous that she has a chance with Justin! Let them be happy, and if you prefer to hate on Maria, then get out of this fandom." She finished. I was shocked. The hate on Maria immediately stopped, and the girls were saying apologies. I unlocked my phone and opened it to the notes.
           "Thank you for that," I directed to the girl," please, tell me your twitter username so I can follow you." I held out my phone to her, and the other girls were too shocked to even move. I saw her take the phone and type something in it, then gave it back to me. I gave her a hug, then got into my car. I waited a minute for the girls to move, so I can leave without hurting them.
           "Can you guys move? I don't want to hurt you guys!" I called out and they surprisingly obeyed. I inched my way out of the parking space and speed off as soon as I could.
           I started to feel tears welling in my eyes, but I quickly stopped the tears from falling and I swallowed the painful lump in my throat.

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