Let Me Love You

Having Justin Bieber trying to get you to love him is any girls dream right? Well, that is Maria Rosas reality. But here's the catch: she strongly dislikes him. She can just avoid him, can't she? Not when they are both co-staring in a movie where they must fall in love. Will Maria find love with Justin? Or will she hate him even more? Find out in Let Me Love You!


7. Chapter 5

*Maria's POV* 

          As soon as I got home, I dialled Julia's number. For those of you who don't know, she is my BFFLTEWE (best friends for like totally ever without exemptions. ). She was also a major belieber, so I imagine that she is gonna flip out when I tell her who I'm spending the rest of the day with. She picked up on the first ring.
           "He is in the movie that I'm in." I barely managed to get out in between her fangirling. There's something you should know about her fangirling. You know how most girls just have a seizure-like thing with squeals? Julia screams. But no, not regular screams, bloodcurdling screams.
           "I'm going to put Chelsea on a three way!" She said excitedly. Chelsea was another one of my BFFLTEWE. Thankfully, she doesn't freak out like Julia does. My phone was starting to get hot on my ear, so I put it on speaker.
           "Hello?" I heard Chelsea say into the phone.
           "Hey!" Julia exclaimed.
           "Wazzup?" I asked her.
           "Nothing much except for, oh yeah! YOU HAD AN HOUR LONG CONVERSATION WITH JUSTIN! Care to explain?" Chelsea asked me.
           "Well, hello to you too." I said sassily. I could practically hear her roll her eyes.
           "Okay, pretend I'm not here…" Julia trailed off. 
           "DO YOU NOT FEEL THE SERIOUSNESS! IT SHOULD BE YOU FREAKING OUT!" Chelsea directed to Julia. Julia gasped. They both let out a bloodcurdling scream.
           "WE GET TO MEET OUR ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN ABOVE!" They screamed. R.i.p my eardrums.
            "And who said your invited?" I asked. Maybe I should take them. After all, I really didn't feel entirely comfortable around him.
           "PLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE?!" They both said, very annoyingly. I decided to joke around with them.
           "Sorry, I'm going alone." I said deviously.
           "I swear to god, if you don't take us, I will buy you a bunny, wait for you to fall in love with it, sneak into your house in the middle of the night, and punch you in the face." Chelsea said in her scariest voice. 
           "I second that!" Julia said after a minute of silence.
           "I really want to go alone, though!" I insisted, and this time I meant it.
           "Can we go next time?" Julia asked.
           "Next time, you'll have him all to yourselves." I replied. They squealed.
           "It's already 3:00, Maria. What time are you supposed to meet Justin?" Chelsea asked. 
           "I don't really know. I guess I have to call him and ask." I shrugged, then I remembered that they couldn't see me, so I sighed.
           "We'll let you be then." Julia said.
           "Wouldn't want to keep you away from Justin!" Chelsea said in a sing-song voice.
           I hung up to a chorus of "Maria and Justin sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" I rolled my eyes, and dialed Justin's number. Like Julia, he picked up on the first ring. 
           "What up?" He said.
           "Hey Justin, it's Maria!" I said, in a perky voice.
           "Oh, hi." He sounded weird.
           "What time should we meet up?" I asked. 
           "Is around 4 good for you?" He asked.
           "Perfect." I replied. We hung up, and I randomly smiled. Was it possible that I was falling in love with Justin? No, it was probably some left over hate. I assured myself.
           Or was it?

*Justin's POV*
           As soon as I hung up, I heard harsh knocking on the door. There was only one person who knocks like that. 
           "Come in Scooter!" I yelled from my room. I heard the door slam open. Oh ooh, he sounded mad. Scooter barged in.
           "Aren't you supposed to be rehearsing?" He asked calmly, which made him sound more menacing.
           "Crap! I completely forgot about that!" I said sarcastically," or did I?" I rolled my eyes. He worked me too hard nowadays! My remark only seemed to make him even more angrier. 
           "I am sick of you missing rehearsals! And now your gonna blow another one off to do what now?" He asked.
           "I'm going to hang out at Chuck E Cheeses with Maria." I stated.
           "Now you're not. Now you are going to make out with a girl at that place and time." Scooter said. I paled. If Maria sees me, she will have a reason to hate me! I had a weird feeling that Scooter knew that already.
           "Why are you doing this Scooter?" I asked with a pained expression. 
           "Because you can't date! If you date Maria, you will lose fans! Don't you see that?" He asked back.
           "What if I were to say that I won't kiss this woman, what would happen next?" If looks can kill, I would be dead already.
           "Then I will make sure that you are finished in the music  industry!" He declared. I looked at him with pure hatred.
           "She will tell you who she is when you get there," he continued," just remember what will happen if you choose not to do as instructed."
           "Get out." I commanded and pointed to the door. He obeyed and left. As soon as I heard the door slam open, I threw something, but I was to mad to even acknowledge what I was grabbing. I never understood when characters in books saw red, but now, red was all that I can see. 
           "AHHHHH!" I screamed. Why is life so complicated?!  I checked the clock, 3:30. I slowly dragged myself to wash up and at least do my hair.  The only thing that I can hope for is that Maria won't hate me too much. 
           I love her, there was no doubt in my mind that I did. My heart raced when I even just thought her name. I got butterflies in my stomach when I thought of her voice. 
           And I won't rest until I can call her mine.

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