Let Me Love You

Having Justin Bieber trying to get you to love him is any girls dream right? Well, that is Maria Rosas reality. But here's the catch: she strongly dislikes him. She can just avoid him, can't she? Not when they are both co-staring in a movie where they must fall in love. Will Maria find love with Justin? Or will she hate him even more? Find out in Let Me Love You!


5. Chapter 4

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*Justin's POV*
           As I was driving away and started to cool down, I noticed I couldn't find my phone!
           "Damn!" I said as I hit the steering wheel. Now I had to turn around and see Maria again! Who knows? Maybe next she'll tell me that she hates me even more!
           I got off at the studio, went through the maze that was the building, and burst through the doors. I saw Maria with my phone, so I wordlessly grabbed it and walked out.
           As I walked away, I stopped and began to think about what a jerky move that was. I was about to walk back, when I got a message from Scooter.
           'I know you are pursuing a career in acting, but you still have to rehearse for your up coming concerts! -Scooter' 
           Maria could wait! One side of my thoughts said. But imagine how she must be feeling! The other side was saying, in a much quieter, low key voice.
           After much contemplating, I decided to go apologize to Maria. I dragged my feet across the black, shiny floor until I reached the room.
          I opened the door and I saw Maria sitting against the wall with a blank face. I didn't even think that she noticed me come in.
           "Maria-" her head snapped in my direction.
           "I'm so sorry!" We both said together. She slowly got up and walked towards me.
          "Hi, my name is Maria Rosas." She said, smiling and extended her hand. I noticed what she was doing and agreed.
          "Hi! My name is Justin Bieber." I shook her hand and I smiled at her, she smiled back.
           "Should we rehearse some lines?" She asked. I shook my head.

*Maria's POV*

          I was so glad that we worked through it all! I was starting to think that this might be the start of a wonderful friendship. 
           When Justin shook his head, I was pretty sure my confusion showed on my face.
           "How are we going to 'fall in love' if we are strangers to each other!" He exclaimed. I smiled widely, all my past feelings towards Justin forgotten.
           "Where can we go?" 
           "Where can a kid be a kid?" He asked in a Posh accent. I jumped in excitement.
           "Chuck E. Cheeses!?" I asked. He nodded, and we both started laughing for seemingly no reason. But not just any kind of laugh, it was like those laughs that you know that you look weird, but you don't care! When you look like you're laughing, but no sound is escaping.
           When we finally calmed down enough (which took a long time because we would just look at each other and start laughing again) we exchanged numbers so we can meet up at Chuck E.'s later.
           I really don't know how I could've hated Justin! He is actually really nice, and can be a very great friend.
           I gasped. How can I have just thought that?! Couldn't that all be a lie? A lie that would get me to like him? 
           By this time I was already to my car, so I opened twitter. I know, I know, I'm obsessed with twitter! Right then, my phone beeped. I checked the notification. It was Justin tweeting me. I rolled my eyes and checked the tweet. (I made the account name up)
           '@Its_Maria can't wait to see you tonight ;)' He made that sound completely dirty! So I decided to tweet something back.
           '@justinbieber yeah, cuz Chuck E. Cheeses is such a grown up thing to do!' I refreshed the page, and gasped. 2.4 million followers! And so many mentions!
           '@Its_Maria yes! Because it is!' Justin tweeted back.

*Justin's POV*

           I kept smiling at my laptop (as I was already home). We kept on tweeting back and forth, and I was pretty sure that my fans thought that we were dating.
           Suddenly, I felt a warm feeling. Was it possible that I am in love with Maria? 

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