Let Me Love You

Having Justin Bieber trying to get you to love him is any girls dream right? Well, that is Maria Rosas reality. But here's the catch: she strongly dislikes him. She can just avoid him, can't she? Not when they are both co-staring in a movie where they must fall in love. Will Maria find love with Justin? Or will she hate him even more? Find out in Let Me Love You!


12. Chapter 10


*****Justin's POV***** (from morning)

           As Maria got up, I couldn't help but stare. How can someone like her even look twice at guy like me?

           Just as she turned the corner, my phone began to ring. One look at the caller I.D told me that it was my management. I rolled my eyes and declined the call. They are not going to ruin my day!

           I got a voice mail anyway. I pressed play and heald the phone to my ear. It was a man's voice that I didn't recognise.

           "WHY DID YOU STAY THE NIGHT WITH MARIA?! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY FANS YOU COULD LOSE?! IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR ASS IN HERE, I SWEAR YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT THAT CONTRACT! AND ONE MORE THIN-" I hung up. I was tired of this. So I knew what I had to do. I wrote Maria a quick note and left in my car, only seeing a few people along the the way.

           I felt adrenaline pumping through my veins as I drove to the management's HQ. I was sick of them ruining my relationships and all I could do was stand there like puppet. Well you know what? I've had enough.

           I walked straight through the doors, not even stopping to greet the secrateries and ignoring their calls saying that he was in a very important meeting.

           I heard the voicce that was on my phone coming from a room, so I assumed that was it. I walked in and it all got quiet.

           "I quit." I said simply, and left. But not before giving everyone in the room the middle finger salute. Needless to say, someone, I didn't care who, followed me and made threats to make sure I didn't get signed onto another record lable again.

           Maybe it was time to retire though, I thought as I started the car. I was certainly rich enough to lead a great life without having to work.

****Fast forward to when Chealsea feints for the second time****

           I smirked, even though I knew I shouldn't have. This earned me a playful slap on the shoulder from Maria, but when I looked at her, she had a smile on her face.

           "C'mon Justin," Julia got up," let's go get some food for when Chelsea wakes up." Was it just me, or did that sound a bit flirty?

           I looked at Maria to see if she had any objections, but she was too preoccupied with trying to wake up Chelsea.

           "Sure, why not?" I grunted as I got up. I knew something was wrong as soon as Julia left the food court. "Ummm... where are we going?" I asked uncertainly. She stopped suddenly and whipped around in the empty hallway she had led me to.

           "Don't you feel it?" Julia purred and got so close that I can taste her breath. It suddenly got harder to swallow.

           "Feel what?" I choked out. Julia was incredibly acttractive an- wait! What am I thinking?! I'm in love with Maria! I can't betray her like this!

           "The chemistry." She whispered into my ear and blew in it and began planting light kisses around my jaw. I shuddered.

           Say goodbye to my control in three... two-

           "What the Hell?" I quiet voice echoed from behind me. I took back my hands from where I had them wrapped around Julia's waist and turned around to see a trembling Maria.

           "I can explain!" I said quickly.

           "No. No need to explain." Maria said, and I breathed a sigh of relief. "You saw a hot girl and just forgot about me." She continued shakily while walking towards us.

           "You know it's not like that." I pleaded.

           "I don't need your excuses. Never talk to me, come over to my house, or think that if we have to kiss in the movie that it means anything. The first two go for you too Julia." Maria said with venom, and left.


           I wanted to run after her, to explain what had happened, but some invisible force kept my feet rooted to the ground.

           "Who cares about her?" Julia said, wrapping her arms around my neck.

           "I do!" I lightly pushed her off of me and left her there, open mouthed and in shock.

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