Skyler Evans is used to expecting the unexpected but when her life gets to hard she breaks. Her heart shatters and those walls she built over the years breaks, memories come back and that's when she tries to do the unexpected.


2. Chapter 2

Nikki flies through the door laughing with Louis, Niall and a boy that I haven't seen before. The boy sits on Nikki's bed and she sits on his lap, Niall sits next to them and Louis stays standing. "This is Zayn, my boyfriend." Nikki points out then adds, "So, we came to see if you would like to go to a party tonight?" Nikki speaks.

"This is stupid." Louis whines.

"Shut up you big baby." Nikki says as she laughs.

"A party? No." I quickly respond.

"Come on, it will be fun! I promise." Niall adds.

"I don't want to." I reply a little quieter.

"Why not? Does your mommy and daddy not want you to leave the dorm building after nine?" Louis sticks out his bottom lip and talks like a baby.

I shoot him a glare, I hate it when he says that stuff. "I would rather stay here and watch movies on my laptop."

"Just this one time?" Nikki begs.

I stare at her for a little bit as I try to figure out if I should go or not. I mean, it's one time, I won't drink or anything. "Fine." I mumble and close my laptop.

Louis lets out a huge, long sigh and crosses his arms. I look at him and he rolls his eyes, "You give into peer pressure to easily."

Zayn chuckles and Nikki elbows him in the stomach. I ignore Louis' comment and I quickly throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. "Don't you have something else to wear?" Nikki asks.

"what should I wear?" I question.

She stands up and looks in my bags of clothes that I still haven't unpacked. She pulls out a pair of skinny jeans, my only pair, I don't like them that much. Then she pulls out my neon green tank top. "Quick, go change into these."

I obey what she told me, at least she told me to put on normal clothes even though I hate skinny jeans. Nikki barely has clothes on so I'm thankful. Once I'm done changing in the closet Nikki asks, "Can I put make up on you?"

"No." I simply reply. I don't see the point in make up.

"Please, you'll look so pretty once I'm done." She begs for the second time tonight.

I give her an uneasy look as I nod. I hope she doesn't make me look like a clown with tons of make up on, she has lots of dark eye liner on, I don't want that much. She quickly puts some on and then smiles. I give her a small smile and grab my small mirror out of my bag. "Do you like it?" She asks.

"Yeah, it's okay."

"Now, let me do your hair!"

"Calm the fuck down it's not like were dressing her up to go on a fucking date. It's just a party and she won't even be getting-"

"Shut up." Nikki growls.

Louis chuckles and rolls his eyes, "Her hair is fine, I'm about to fall asleep right here where I'm standing." He complains.

"Fine!" Nikki shouts. "Whatever gets you to stop talking!"

How does she have enough courage to yell at him? He seems so aggressive.

Once we get to the massive house that the party his held at, Louis quickly disappears into the house. I follow Nikki, Niall and Zayn into the house but quickly stop, this place is giant. The music is blasting loud in my ears. "Whoa." I mumble.

Once I'm done looking around I soon realize that I've lost Nikki, Niall and Zayn. No sign of a purple haired girl. I let out a huff and try to walk through the house. I end up getting stuck in large group of sweaty dancing bodies. People bump into me as I push my way through but I soon fall to the floor.

Maybe I should just sit here on the floor until Nikki finds me.

But instead I feel someone pull my up and I quickly turn around to see Niall, "Are you okay?" He shouts the music. I nod and he quickly says, "Well, we're gonna play truth or dare and you should play too."

I think about it for a second, isn't that a childish game? I agree to play even though I actually don't want to.

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