Skyler Evans is used to expecting the unexpected but when her life gets to hard she breaks. Her heart shatters and those walls she built over the years breaks, memories come back and that's when she tries to do the unexpected.


1. Chapter 1

I pull my crappy, old, red pick up truck into an empty parking space. I pull the key out of the ignition and jump out of the truck, shoving my keys into my front pocket of my jeans. The breeze flowing through my wavy hair as I quickly drag my bags out of the truck and into my dorm building. First time being her at collage and I'm nervous to see who my roommate is. I hope it is someone who will just leave me alone and let me study, I need to get good grades. I pass by tons of confused teens standing around the building. It only takes me a couple minutes to find my room but once I get in there I immediately drop my suit cases with a huff.

My roommate has purple hair which is kind of normal but her three guy friends look hideous. I cringe as I look at the guys tattoo covered arms and pierced faces. The girl has maybe two or three tattoos on her arms and no piercings. "Hello!" The girl cheers as she pounces off the bed and stands in front of me, "I'm Nikki." She sticks her hand out in front of me.

I shake her hand and let my eyes wonder over to the three guys. "I'm Skyler." I say, my voice smaller than I expected it to be.

"Niall could you put her bags on her bed." Nikki asks as she sits on her bed. I shut the door behind me, not knowing what exactly to say. Niall must be the one with blonde hair, he slowly climbs off Nikki's bed and picks up my bags, tossing them on my bed.

I try to gently pass by the tall boy with brown hair who is wearing a grey beanie but I accidently bump him with my shoulder and he quickly snaps, "Watch where the fuck you walk. Wouldn't want to mess with me, you'd be down in seconds."

That's scary. Does he mean that he wouldn't be scared to hurt a girl? He's bluffing I bet. I just stare at him for a second before I take a seat on the bed, not knowing how to respond to him. "Don't mind Louis, he has a bad temper." Nikki apologizes.

"It's fine." I say quietly.

"Why are you so quiet?" The one with curly hair asks. I shrug my shoulders and he keeps talking, "If I were you then I would stand up straight and stand on my tippy toes and try to be all in his face and tell him to not talk to me like that and I would know he couldn't possibly do something about it because I would be a girl."

I laugh and Louis shoots him a glare, "I could definitely say some things that could get her to go running back to her mommy and daddy."

I suck in a deep breath and shift uncomfortably as I remember my parents. "Come on guys, lets give her some privacy." Nikki says as she stands up and walks out of the room. The three boys follower her like lost puppies and the room falls silent.

This year will be interesting, especially if she invites those guys over here a lot during the year, I might go insane listening to Louis talk and be rude. I still don't know what the curly haired boy's name is but he seemed nice like Niall and Nikki. I really hope they give me space and let me study for tests, I need to get a better job and a better car.

Today is Friday, I should just lay here, rest and watch Netflix movies on my laptop the entire weekend. Maybe Nikki will watch them with me?

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