the creed

Arcum, an assasin that has a huge secret.. He is part of the one percent of born and suposebly raised to kill and hit in the world of assassins called the creed. But the cread is old an the marking has faded over one hundred years of genarations and now they are fadeing into the shadows forever as one more younger member had stubbled across Arcum's path and will that one person show a generation where red isn't a common color to come home with or will he fade into a suposibly set fate for all of the remanning members?

(stats: started september ended writing november 13!!! .)


3. ch3

Shiv lead Arcum into her candle lit chamber. The rocky walls made a creepy glow Around the room. The mark of their family Assassin descends hangs gloomily on right behind the desk that showed where the head sat. An old feather of an eagle and hawk rests on the built in ink well that was in the corner of that desk. Just behind the desk was an old bookshelf that held everything from jobs to past diaries was there for reference. And in the very corner is the master bed set for sleep or betrayal as the tempting handmade sheets made it look luxurious but quite fearful to normal eyes.  

Shiv quickly swung Arcum around and the momentum made him fall into the desk and made it tip but Arcum caught the desk as he was trying to keep his heart beating. He quickly turned around and gazed into Shiv's hell like eyes. As panic settled into both of them and it was about the same idea, life.

"You know what you have done?" She cried getting closer and closer to where Arcum felt quite unsecure.

 "I found her! Aren’t you happy that I might have found Greave’s sister since she has passed a few years ago?" Arcum yelled back as he tried to gain ground with Shiv but she managed to fight back.

 "That’s the problem!!!! She didn’t want her to be found!!!!"

 Arcum knew that Greave tried to keep everyone that she saved a secrete for the family's mark was always heavy on everyone's mind but for her it was the heavyset load that you could put on a person.

 "Oh that’s right. But that doesn’t mean that she is Greave’s sister. She might just have been a broken decedent of the creed." Arcum scrambled for words. He went to bookcase and scans the books and takes out one and started searching through it quickly but suspiciously as Shiv's hawk like eyes fallowed him with every move. “We can’t rule that out."  He said as He puts the book on the shelf but is out of the way and skims another in haste looking for something about Greave or Winter.

 True. She chimed as she Sat back in the desk chair and turning it around to face Arcum. "But all this time. This girl had been in hiding and bears the mark of the assassin.  This can’t be happening. In all my days of living here and working my way up…" Arcum felt rage flash through his body as Shiv acted so sympathetic to just throw him off his task and it worked.

 "You were given the job since Greave had no successor, her word!" He yelled and hung his hands on the upper shelf and tried his best not to grab his pen and terminate her but that would make him in charge and he didn't want that since he knew that's what happened to Greave.

"I know just that. I miss her. It has been a long time since she had passed. She was the best. And dark that got the job done right but it was that that made her such a lovable person." Shiv calmly sighed as Arcum knew that she was comparing herself to her old master and coach.

"You can say loveable me, I say an awesome reflection." Arcum snickered as he heard a slight creaking sound from the door as Garen slipped his head in and glanced inside with a huge grin on his face.

It was obvious that he was there to get the word that Winter is Greave's sister and that he two had seen the mark of the assassin on the back of Winter's neck and same generation markings as Greave and the only way that happens is either that there are siblings among the group or a hidden child and that happens since most parents that know about the mark is terrified to see it on their child.

 "Shiv you have the next job figured out?" Garen asked with a sheepish grin. 

"No!" Shiv yelled as she swung around and swiped the pen from her desk and threw it strait at his head and Garen slammed the door and the pen stuck where his head was. Arcum could hear Garen behind the door trying to figure out why she threw the pen at him but she just wanted to keep this conversation private. Arcum understood that but there was no need to almost kill Garen for it. And thanks to Garen's intrusion Shiv is deranged and full or rage to where the calmness inside of her vanished and the old Shiv returned although she never left she was just calmer at the time.

 "You better be sure Arcum that Winter is as good or else you know the consequences." she came closer to him and placed the dagger agenst his neck. " I hate playing games and better be as lucky as you have been or we are all in trouble including me we can’t trust that child." she let him go and Arcum slid down the desk onto the floor but noticed that he might had found something important in the book and started scanning it as Shiv's boots ticked on the rocky surface and opened the door as Arcum was lost in the text of the book.   "You hear me Arcum you put yourself and ME in danger! Shiv hollered forcefully and slammed the door that startled Arcum and made him drop the book on the floor and loose the page.

  "That was to close. At least I found Greave’s diary or at least the last moments." Arcum sighed as he grasped the book. "I know that I shouldn’t be doing this but I need info about Winter. Here goes nothing…." He opened the book and started to read after scurrying through pages to find where he was at in the pages.

"Shiptake, 200, giver con art, 3,000. Hit 5 recovered 2…." the book read and Arcum glanced over the numbers to find something even more interesting than the past payments. "Other news, saw little sis today from the distance she looks like our mom. Winter is only three and hiding as a foster child is treating her well. She doesn’t understand but will serve her well. If it all works well I’m hoping to get her adopted and watch her into the sunset of being safe. It’s hard but I know that I can keep the creed alive if I marry soon this will fall but I don’t want anybody else to get the job it’s too much on one person. So I wish I could give my sis and I a better life but it is late for me. I would hate it if Shiv got the job and not for anyone to take out Winter’s hair dye since that is her only true disguise.” Arcum raised an eyebrow and was stunned. He found the answer he was looking for and he was completely responsible for it happening. He slid down the bookcase and retreads the passage over and over again but he knew he can't change a thing.

"She’s …her…sister….what have I gotten myself and Winter into? Greave I hope that you are lying to me. I don’t like this feeling I was just trying to save her from death because that's what we are, assassins. Not put her into so much trouble and Shiv is going to possibly kill her. The Creed is in trouble, I’m in trouble, and worst…." His mind started to scramble for reason as Winter rushed into the room with complete terrier. He knew that Shiv must had done something that horrified her as tears streamed down her face and she was screaming for him and was rambling, "Arcum, Shiv keeps wanting me to bathe with her!"

 He knew that she only trusts him and knew that he is her father figure, even though they just met.

 Arcum just sighed and closed the book and got his mind focused on her.   But he knew that Shiv was just trying to see the answer that everyone else was either confirming or just now finding out.

 "Let her. We all had to do it one way or another, even me. She is just making sure that that birthmark of yours is real but if not then…. We need to run away." he huffed knowing that it gave her more worry than anything. He couldn't look at her so he quietly turned and put the book back on the shelf but Winter showed more resilience than he expected.

  "Can we leave then before this all happens?  I’m scared." she wined and Arcum could feel a smug grease across his face but quickly wiped it off.

 "Don’t be afraid all she would possibly do is strip your coloring out and scrub the back of your neck. She isn’t going skinny dipping with you she isn’t that evil." he said but has to quickly backpedal from mentioning Winter's color but she didn't seem to notice.

 "It’s just odd that Shiv wants to give me a bath when everyone smells." Winter teased that made Arcum chuckle.


"That’s thinking like an assassin." he laughed but the moment quickly subsided. "A what?" Winter asked.

"Nothing, just that you are starting to think like one of us. Just I think you are starting to belong here and that is a good thing." Arcum said as he started to quickly rub Winter's hair into a mini mess.

 Really?" she perked up happily.

 "Ya, just that you have to be careful whom you can trust." Arcum said smiling.

"I can trust you, can I?" Winter said with intimidation in her voice.

"Why should you think otherwise?" Arcum laughed as he was starting to like the conversation.

 "You said to be careful whom to trust." Winter said and Arcum's smile quickly faded as he realized he just confused her.

 "That’s right. But I would say not to trust everyone you know here. We might be called a family but we are nothing like one you might know." he sighed hoping that it settled everything but the situation got worse.

 "Can I trust Shiv? She seems mean for being a leader. She asked as Garen bested into the room looking way too happy for Arcum's taste.

 "There you are Winter, Shiv had been looking everywhere for you! You are needed to see if you are truly Grev..." he chimed in till he noticed that Arcum is glaring at him intensively leaving Garen to scrabble for words. "One of us! She wants you strait away." he finished.

"Should I trust Shiv?" Winter asked as her eyes widened and full of fear and Arcum can understand because he felt the same.

 "You should she is a good mentor and a wonderful friend I will be right here when you are done. Besides she won’t prove anything that we already know." Arcum said as Garen quietly grabbed Winter's hand and tugged her out of the room. Winter looked back while she took every step and Arcum nodded and mouthed that it was going to be ok but as soon as Garen closed the door Arcum sighed and practically fell to the floor and rubbed the sweet off his face.

 "I hope." was the only thing he could say.

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