the creed

Arcum, an assasin that has a huge secret.. He is part of the one percent of born and suposebly raised to kill and hit in the world of assassins called the creed. But the cread is old an the marking has faded over one hundred years of genarations and now they are fadeing into the shadows forever as one more younger member had stubbled across Arcum's path and will that one person show a generation where red isn't a common color to come home with or will he fade into a suposibly set fate for all of the remanning members?

(stats: started september ended writing november 13!!! .)


2. ch2

The dark streets turned icy since the rain began to let loose and pour on both of them. The two were silent in the streets other than Winter's little wipers that Arcum hears every once in a while. He felt bad for what he is doing but he felt like he had no choice but to bring her since she was a witness.

They finally came to Arcum's hideout. He got nervous as he set Winter down and she two looked up to a toothed cave that might just eat them both up.

 "This where you live?" she asked and Arcum nodded and hoped that Shiv, whom is the head at the moment, likes her. They stepped inside where the musty smell hugged their nostrils but Arcum was used to it since he had been in the Group since he was very young. They went deeper and Winter grasped Arcum's hand tighter and tighter as they went. The cave opened to a little doorway that was lit by torches that Arcum knew ware switched every few hours.

 They came up and Arcum knocked to where the door echoed and yelled their arrival to the rest of the cave. A slit opened up to eyes that seemed to go deeper than the cave.

 "Do you fear the assassin?" the voice boomed as it matched the echo's of Arcum knocking but it kept answering itself over and over again.

 Arcum yanked his sleeve up to where his forearm showed his birthmark of a upside down blood faded A with a curve in the center of that A to connect the sides and three Roman x's on the bottom and three tick marks  showing that he is the thirty third generation assassin to his portion of the original bloodline.

"No, I am one." Arcum huffed and the person glanced down. "Generation Arcum?" and Arcum quickly spun Winter around and lifted her hair. The dark eyes were raised with astonishment and quickly opened the door. "Shiv is going to eat her.” the teen said and shook his head. His muscles were bulging from his skin tight shirt. His shorts were short but looked good on him while his white skin showed like neon in the dimly lit aria. Arcum just grinned and got Winter closer to him. "Shiv is just confirming something for me. Leave the squirt alone." he said and the man backed off when he saw the small pen that Arcum used that night.

 "All right Arcum you win." The man boomed as he opened the door.

Winter and Arcum came across the dark entryway and went into a more lit up room that looked like the world swallowed the building whole and still was digesting it as the place might have had another building that crumbled and still had some rooms that was still open and had yet to be crumbled by the earth around it.

On one of the broken pillars was a small man that looked older than Arcum and was hunched over and sharpening something in his hands. The man had a bald head that was completely shaven but peaces of his birthmark was showing on the tip of his forehead and wraps his own head leaving his face and Portions of his neck unsaved he had on tight jeans and a plain shirt that anyone could have made or shifted out of the trash. When he looked up his green eyes flashed happiness to  see his friend that he hasn't seen since the day before.

"Arcum you’re back, we were going to have to…..  What is SHE doing here! Shiv isn’t going to like this." Garen said in till he saw Winter pear out from Arcum then he turned into pure sourness.  Then Garen shook his head in disbelief and returned to sharpening his darts which were his weapons of choice.

"I found her, she’s one of us." Arcum explained but Garen didn't take the bait instead he was furious with Arcum since he was one of those people that was a perfectionist with the family creed.

 "How do you know? Unless you are absolutely sure…" Garen questioned as his charming eyes started to swell with the blackness that was rage.

 Arcum knew he was against the wall with one of Shiv's most trusted allies which he doesn't want to figure out the punishment this time.

 "Poor shame on the Creed. You left a…" Garen said as Shiv came through the archway unbeknown to the group being swift and as silent as a ghost as she always is. Plus she had been listening in this whole time behind an opening that is right by her office.

 "Who’s this?" she chimed and came directly into Winter's face and letting the red of her marked face that is her birthmark of the creed. Her voice cut through the air like a shrew sound that made Winter scurry behind Arcum but he didn't blame her since he felt like doing just that.

"Winter, A…Arcum found me." she mumbled as she poked her head out long enough to speak then quickly stuffing it back.  Arcum was kind of pleased that Winter was scared because he didn't have the strength to show that he was absolutely terrified.

 Shiv smiled grimly at the response, possibly thinking of how little strength Winter posses so she should be easy to molded.  She glanced at Arcum with a sly smile and calmly and playfully chimed, "Arcum found you?" Winter just simply nodded in Arcum's knees that almost buckled on him.

"oh, no!" Garen said silently and drawn out to where Arcum glanced at him with piercing eyes but quickly remembered he was supposed to be talking to Shiv.

 "We can explain!" he quickly rambled and Winter came out from behind his legs wide eyed and hopeful but a small wine was leaking from her voice.

 "We can?"

Arcum nudged her and traded glances and she noticed that he wanted her to be quiet right now as he kept on explaining.

  "I found her during my hit and is one of us."

 "Oh? So you left a witness. You know the punishment for leaving a witness in the creed? Unless you can prove that she is one of us." Shiv hissed as she showed her dagger in the light.

 "Umm." he mumbled as he looks down and remembers that he felt something like the marking of the assassin on the back of Winter’s neck which gave him a glimmer of hope. "Of course I can!" he said in glee. “Winter turn around!"

 "What?!?!" she cried as she clearly didn't understand where Arcum was going.

"You heard me turn around and lift your hair." Arcum demanded but Winter still didn't understand.

 "But why?" she questioned as a slight mettle sound singed the air as Shiv calmly and ever so slowly took out her dagger. She was showing her impatience.

 "Just…here!" he huffed as he spun Winter around and lifted her hair to show the arch of the A with the curve in the center of the upside down V and the same generation markings as Greave had in the exact same spot with the exact same shade of skin tone that Greave had as her birthmark. Arcum was stunned but at the same time he became very worried as Garen tried to get a look at Winter's mark but Shiv shoved him out of the way without looking at Garen, leaving him to crash against some cinder blocks and fallen concrete.

 It was obvious that the three sum were very interested that Arcum was right. It was a very long time since a lost descendant had came into their mist, even Shiv was stunned to where she practically could barely say a word. She just stared at the marking for the longest time.

Winter started to ask what everyone was staring at and everyone kept saying things like, "this is amazing." and "I can't Bellevue you found her." but Shiv was the most impressed since she was speechless.   In till she barely found her voice and manage to squeak a question out of her silence. 

"Arcum, can I speak to you in private? Then she snatched Arcum and lead him two her chamber, forcefully.

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