the creed

Arcum, an assasin that has a huge secret.. He is part of the one percent of born and suposebly raised to kill and hit in the world of assassins called the creed. But the cread is old an the marking has faded over one hundred years of genarations and now they are fadeing into the shadows forever as one more younger member had stubbled across Arcum's path and will that one person show a generation where red isn't a common color to come home with or will he fade into a suposibly set fate for all of the remanning members?

(stats: started september ended writing november 13!!! .)


18. ch18

The day was coming down to an end for the group and Arcum was still excited about what lied ahead for him as soon as he escaped the creed.

“But you have to finish what we had started and that is how to handle Shiv.” Greave reminded him as he readjusted Winter on his shoulders.

“I know but she has a whole family and we only have us. I don’t know if we can win.”Arcum sighed and tried to avoid eye contact with her.

 “Arcum, there are people that hate her as much as us and if we find them…”Greave started then something caught her eyes and Arcum sees it a poster with the family symbol burned in the paper with the word WANTED painted in bold black letters. All three of their faces were painted underneath in color. A world family poster which means an open bounty for anyone who is in or out of the family the marking just shows who issued the bounty. The worst that you can have on your head if you made the family mad, it was one thing to have a closed bounty poster inside the walls or at the police station but a world bounty means that you made the creed so mad that they it wants to get rid of you. And fast.

 “This is bad.” Arcum said as he had Winter slide down his back and landing on her feet without a noise or moving a pebble.

 “I know. We can’t let this blow over anymore.” Greave agreed and Arcum nodded.

“We have to fight back somehow.” Arcum whispered as Winter wrapped herself around his legs again

 “How about right now since the creed always finds those whom betray.” The voice comes from behind them and it didn’t take long for Arcum to figure out it was Shiv that matched the voice. He turned to see her limp up the side.

 “How can I fight someone with such a disadvantage that it might as well be counted as a slather?” Arcum teased and he wished that he had his weapon at the moment.

 “Oh Arcum I do have an advantage. I have numbers and eyes everywhere as well as the creed. As you will see in just a moment.” She said. Arcum couldn’t take her riddles anymore as he scurried to Grieve and swiped her dagger from her holster.

 “I tend to disperse it.” Arcum grunted and Shiv had a long grin come across her face.

 “I knew you would say that, but you know by now you have a world bounty on you and that means anyone can have in on the pay, even outsiders.” Shiv said and Arcum felt something hit his neck and he pulled a little dart out from his neck. He slowly pulled the dart out and noticed that it was a blue barked dart with sparrow fathers something that he has never seen in their armory before. He looked up to see several shadows gather above them like they were in a dream.

 “You are truly evil by putting a bounty on your own kind!” Arcum yelled as he could feel his mind start to cloud.

He could feel the wind of a sword start to decent on top of him. Arcum whorls around to se that it wasn't a descent of a sword but a quick draw of a pistol. Arcum stepped back a bit knowing that thew can kill before he knew it.

He tried to keep himself calm and restraint because if he didn't the poison would surge through him and he knows it is already affecting him by just how groggy his judgement had become.

Arcum knew that he could dodge a bullet or use the sword to block it from a distance but now the barrel is looking at him like an empty black hole wanting for him to jump in. Arcum just raised his hands slowly by the way the circumstance was and made sure the dagger landed nearby. “Good lad. Always was a person that I can trust when the situation is against him to run home.” Shiv sighed while he knelt while Winter and Greave looked at him while they were huddled together like regular civilians surrounded by swords and guns.


“I rather be an Honorable cowered than a dishonorable killer.” Arcum sighed looking directly at her. Shiv was looked mad after his statement. Her face turned beat red with rage while she motioned to her ally and she smacked Arcum in the back of the head with the butt of her gun.

His head was now throbbing with he was able to push the pain aside knowing that and the poison from the dart can kill him at any moment but he knew that the odds were stacked against them as more shadows started to show around the rooftops and windows. Arcum started to laugh knowing one thing that Shiv had forgotten one important thing about the training of most assassins.

 “What are you laughing about?” Shiv questioned looking between Greave Winter and him almost like she was expecting immediate answers from any of them. She started to wonder in his vision which is has he knows it as that she is debiting something important, whether it is killing them or just Arcum by keeping him temporarily quiet by shooting him with another dart but he didn’t let the options bother him as fear washed from him and instead of forcing himself being calm, he became calm and almost enjoying this.

 “You forget Shiv, one of the most basic part of the life of an assassin is being able survive outnumbered, outmatched and outgunned. Isn’t that right?” Arcum sassed and it was almost like a keyword to Grieve and Winter Since Winter came out of nowhere and stuffed some sort of stick up the person’s sine and held it just enough to make sure the person will be dead before she dropped her.

 It shocked Arcum that Winter could kill with silence as she whisked the dagger on the ground into his hand and smiled. Her gracefulness and skill was almost matching Greave’s and her kill almost looked like a dance on stage obvious that she had practiced everyday as any true dancer would, quick and swift. “How do you learn to kill?” Arcum asked quickly, time was ticking.

 “I was trained by the best for times like that.” Winter smiled which gave Arcum shivers as he hoped that he did not just get rid of her innocence to bring her into a want of getting into the creed in mind and attitude along with skill.

 She quickly scuffled off for another kill as Arcum can see several now volunteer kills jump or slide off of the sides, crates, awnings and other ways to get down to the ground below. He glanced around as clangs of daggers and firing of, supposed to be, killing pistols shots banged off of their swords and daggers as they saw them come and sweeping lives before the other person can aim or reload. The swords always held a little more of a challenge to Acum since they are able to read movements as good or if next better than him as the cling of swords rang in his ears as he felt another dart hit his leg. He paused just enough to get the dart out of his skin and toss it into another person’s neck whom fainted right then telling Arcum to watch his heart rate and be careful what he does. The clash of swords and blood spilling made Arcum wonder how many of these were sisters and brothers or even parents just looking for a bit of excitement or another way for money.

He felt the slash of each neck slathered and each stab was to the point and deep as he went on defending himself and the three sum around him as Greave, Winter and Arcum started to move together to where they are back to back.

 “How you two holding up?” Greave asked as Arcum could and see hear at least a few more people go down in the fight of trying to kill us as blood was starting to become a sea as it coated the blacktop road and concrete sidewalk.

 “Good so far.” Arcum lied knowing that the poison might possibly be eating his body and with the adrenaline pumping with his body as well Arcum wouldn’t have a clue how long he has to get an antidote or at least how long he will live.

 Same here sis! Looks like they are giving up!” Winter called out with glee but Arcum knew that she was hiding something like she two got a few of those darts herself. He looked around to see Winter was right the so called assassins were simpering away by anyway they could weather it was on each other or a human rope and pulley system to be pulled up and away.

 “Looks like we have them on the run!” Arcum could hear Greave as the excitement started take a toll on him since he started to calm himself down immediately after the fight. Arcum felt even hazier then what he started out with. Soon the world was spinning around in circles and it was even rapider than before to where the colors started to blend a little and getting faster.

 “Did you see how good I did? I kept my shirt...Arcum are you ok?” Winter squealed happily in till she saw Arcum bent over and holding himself up by the side of the wall with one arm.

 “Yah, except I…Watch.” Arcum sighed as the world blended in multicolor hues and spun the fastest as well as the pictures moving side to side and distorted to where eyes might has well be blind or permanently shut to see with your mind to just walk to steps forward.

 The last thing Arcum saw was Greave and Winter fighting for their lives and he couldn’t help as he fell to the ground. His energy was gone as he thought that this would be his last sight and it would be Winter and Greave being killed because he couldn’t worn them since he had become perfectly able to fight to a ragdoll in a few minutes.

 The last thing he saw was Shiv coming out of the nearby shadows, or he think it was her coming out since now he could barely see colors let alone any natural shapes of objects.

 “Dern hill ‘em.” Was what come across Arcum’s ears before his body completely gave out.

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