the creed

Arcum, an assasin that has a huge secret.. He is part of the one percent of born and suposebly raised to kill and hit in the world of assassins called the creed. But the cread is old an the marking has faded over one hundred years of genarations and now they are fadeing into the shadows forever as one more younger member had stubbled across Arcum's path and will that one person show a generation where red isn't a common color to come home with or will he fade into a suposibly set fate for all of the remanning members?

(stats: started september ended writing november 13!!! .)


17. ch17

After a while of being out and about Arcum noticed that Greave was right on the point that people don't normally notice the ancestors of the creed anymore or at least the people don't react as bad as Arcum might had thought but he still preferred to keep his hood up since the incident with Shiv and now Garren gone he knew he could walk without a care after the family forgets that he was there but he knows that wouldn't be the case but every time he tried to put his hood up to shadow his face from the light and possible spies or scouts.

"Greave I understand what you are showing me." Arcum huffed hoping that it would lead him to safe hood of the shade of his cloak instead of shadows just in case.

"Arcum you will miss out on all the fun if you are looking for them." Winter chimed and pulled on his clock with one hand and grasped his other in one swift motion.

Greave smiled when Arcum looked back to her and she waved that gave him an unsure feeling of where Winer was taking him might not be so present in till they came to a place where laughter was around the sickly place with tubes that should lead somewhere but they just go into the ground or just inches off the ground before and he wasn't sure what to do and just stopped at the platform of just a peace of wood and made Winter stumble and started yanking on him to come.

"Are you sure it is safe? The place looks so open to where everyone can see us Winter." Arcum wined as he tried to convince her to go back to Greave and just go to the aria where Fear is or was, if she is still there.

"Yes Arcum! Come on let's play!" Winter chimed and ran more into the shredded wooded aria with some sort of multi story climbing place with an escape tube and slope with what looked like a stub wall. Winter started to climb up the plastic rail dome that was next to the structure like bars like a ladder up the side and then hung down in the middle and smiled as her hair hung behind her and she was showing her Marc in plain sight!

Arcum felt fear for Winter for now she is completely exposed and anyone from the creed can now identify her without a doubt and kill her. "Winter come here! We have to leave the training aria." he yelled and Winter flipped over herself and landed on her feet in the center of the dome while the squeak of the flying seats that were set up in groups of twos next to each other distracted him and he glanced over and one of the two kids that were going back and forth on the furthest set of these flying seats jumped off and flew through the air and landed on his feet and ran on to the climbing stubs.

"Arcum?" Winter asked to get his atenchion. Arcum spun around to see Winter make her way up the dome again to climb out. "Have you ever visited the park before?" she asked.

Arcum didn't want to admit that he had never been to this place before and it felt wired being able to go around and naturally train the public to be just like them although he noticed that the killing dummies weren't anywhere in sight but that was ok in his eyes.

"You mean this training aria." He asked as he glanced around to avoid Winters question but it only made her look sad and possibly have sympathy for him.

"Oh, than try at least makeing it on the mulch." she said as she made her way over to him and Arcum looked confused and felt like he was the one that was supposed to be young instead of Winter.

Winter calmly looked at him and grabbed his hand. "Don't worry." She encouraged him.

Arcum slightly tried to step onto the mulched aria but just before his foot touched the ground he retracted it.

"Try again." She said as Arcum can see that Greave was coming up to them and she had brought out her retractable cane. Her smile was bright as if it was a lovely sight for her to see.

Arcum brought his foot out for the second time and inched his foot out and this time he put his toes on the mulch which felt uneven and prickly to him under this first step into the normal life.

"See you did it Arcum!!" She shrieked and her bright blue eyes were shinning brighter then he had ever seen them before and it made every ounce of fear melt and Arcum took a few more steps on the much as a playful like smile spread across his face.

All of a sudden he wanted to make this place memorable for the first time for both of them, not just Arcum because he took his first step into a normal life.

"Race you to the Swings Arcum!" she called as she took off running to the swings and the random thought just made him question her motive as he chased Winter around the playground to the swings.

The wind brushed through his hair as he ran through the multch. And then he caught up with Winter and Arcum

thought the chase was quite fun when he caught up with her.

"Got you." he said as he grasped her arm and pulled her close to him. Winter started to chuckle with glee as he started to swing her around playfully in till Winter's arms couldn't hold her and she had to tell him to stop, facing the swings.

Arcum looked at these suspended benches with curiosity and he slowly went up to them. He touched the chain when he passed thinking the freedom was excellent on his fingers as he studied the way the rest of the children work the swing to where it seemed like they flying inches from the ground, to the end of the chain just to back out the other side to do the motion all over again.

"do you want me to teach you?" Winter asked softly and he nodded. She instructed him on how to use the swings and he picked up the instructions quite easily.

"Now come join me Arcum!" she squealed telling Arcum that instruction he placed his hands carefully and with grate care. He backed up with anticipation of what might happen or what it might feel like since Winter was already enjoying her swing as she squeaked out joyful noises and laughter but Arcum was still unsure that he should be doing this as he stood a little to adjust his cape so he could lean back freely. He steadied himself as he got back to the launch position with his hands at the waist and stepped backward carefully. He paused right then with unsure of if he should be doing this or not.


He heard Winter as she watched her go back and forth leaving him wishing that he could be like her or at least buddle up her innocence to ration out in a lifetimes of portions.


He watched her for a little while seeing how easily and how much fun she is having and enticing him to join her in her world for this moment so he had to take the opportunity and to have fun with this. He looked forward at a row of benches and spotted Greave sitting on one of those benches glaring at him softly and she didn’t need words to know that she was telling him as well to take the opportunity.


“Ok, I can do this.” Arcum breathed and focused himself back on the task.


He leaned back and lifted his feet and he started to swing on the seat. He felt weightless and like he was flying in the clouds for a few seconds while he kicked his legs simultaneously with the way the seat go back and forth with the wind slicing through him in a nice way as he climbed higher and higher that the chain would let him. Arcum ignored the fact the swing squeaked with every movement he made and let the ride continue.


He started to watch Winter with every pass and a smile spread across his face. Her laughter was starting to blend with the sounds of the swing that just made him start busting out laughing without a care and he stopped his swing in shock that he just did that as Winter stopped hers when she noticed that he wasn’t looking like he wasn’t having fun anymore.


“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just I was laughing and...” Arcum sighed and Winter calmly put her hand on his lap and he moved his off of the chain and on top of hers’.


“It’s ok here you can be yourself.” She said and then got back to her world of getting to a certain height and then saying something with almost every forward motion. Arcum resituated and then started swinging with Winter. He two gotten to that certain height that he loves and the sensation of flight and laughter returned to him and it felt wonderful to be in her innocent world. To play and enjoy life without a whimsical care and that something was that much fun to him to where he just wanted time to stop for him and Winter to enjoy.

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