the creed

Arcum, an assasin that has a huge secret.. He is part of the one percent of born and suposebly raised to kill and hit in the world of assassins called the creed. But the cread is old an the marking has faded over one hundred years of genarations and now they are fadeing into the shadows forever as one more younger member had stubbled across Arcum's path and will that one person show a generation where red isn't a common color to come home with or will he fade into a suposibly set fate for all of the remanning members?

(stats: started september ended writing november 13!!! .)


1. ch1

Arcum crossed the balcony to the other side and slid down to the awning to the pavement bellow. He glanced around hoping none saw him during that mission. A sly smile slowly crossed his face as he pulled out his bloodied palm spear that was a pen but now is a weapon that can easily convert back with a few clicks, twists and cleaning and the cops won't know a thing.

 The dark flew over Arcum as the city lamps were the only thing that marked his path. He felt proud of his work quick and super clean, no blood on his cloak as he ducks through the dark alleyway to his base a few blocks from his hit.

 He turned the corner to find a bright light blinding him instantly but he knew that he had been spotted and had to get away and ghostly run back to bace as he lifted his skier half mask to hide his face and tried to scale a fire escape but just made more noise making him scurry for a plan b as he raced threw the paths

 This wasn't the first time Arcum has had this situation. He found a dumpster at one end of the streets. The car stopped in front of the same dumpster that he was in as Arcum's hart started to race and he started to calm himself knowing exercise can kill since even breathing can make you turn red in a white room making you obvious. He could feel the sweat and saliva gather on his mask to where he felt the need to rip it off but the putrid smell constantly gave him a reminder to keep it on. Arcum knew he couldn't move at all in till the people were gone that were becoming sharks swarming around the hiding spot.

 He could feel his body tense as minutes turned into subtle hours and a cramp starting to creep up on him and that was the last thing he needed was to be seen.

 "Not now, ugh, any time but now!!!!!" was the only sentence that was yelling in his mind. He could feel a couple of tears escape his eyes as the smell of the trash started to get to him now. Putrid and rotten fruits veggies and what not started to intrude his mask and ruffle his vision. Arcum knew that he has to get out and he caught a brake as he could hear the muffled voices start to fade. He tried to quietly tried to shift his position but instead made a ruckus of sound and the voices returned.

 Arcum froze in place knowing he was dead. Thankfully he manage to shift to his legs under him to be able to lift the dumpster lid just so to where he could see the action go on outside.

 All of the people were cops that were in blue uniforms and pacing around looking for him. One got two close while the others started to separate again to their vehicles. Arcum saw the opportunity as he reached out of the dumpster and stuck the pen in the officer.

 The man tensed up as   Arcum dug the pen deeper into his neck as blood started to gorge onto his hands and into his sleeve. He finally let go after that moment and glanced up out of the dumpster to see that no one was around so he slipped out of the dumpster to hear someone wince a slight sound of to his left. An assassin's worst mistake is leaving a witness and he was about to do just that.

 The small child looked a little younger than him as her brown hair held a different color in it.  Her pink jeans showed brightly in the dim light but her dark oversized hoody made up for the brightness.

  "You lost child?" Arcum said kneeling to the child. She looked straight at him and nodded. He softly smiled and chuckled as he stood. "Then what am I doing standing in your way home?" he teased and she tried to step forward but he didn't let her through. "Not that way." he shuddered spreading his body over the scene but then he noticed that he showed the blood that fell on him earlier. He curled up a little to hide the blood that he exposed.   He quickly calmed himself and wrapped a hand over the small girl's shoulder. "Trust me you don't want to go that way." he shuttered as he pushed the child away from the carnage.

 Arcum was careful with the child trying to direct her from the police and what he had done earlier. The child Shivered in his arms as the street lights dimmed as the sun started to peak over the sky.

 "So what's your name?" he asked as he gotten to the market which is in the center of the city.

 "Winter," she wined holding his hand like they were siblings. She brushed over the brownish red that shown in the daylight. He lifted his hood from his face, letting the scaring of close in counters show instead of hiding them from the child.

 "You have a past." she said looking directly at him. He just stared out in the distance thinking if he found another generation; then again he might have found a companion.  He pushed his black hair to where his blue eyes shows brightly in the new morning light.

 "I do." he sighed and went on with Winter putting an arm around her shoulder but nudged something that was gently raised like a birthmark on her neck that her dark red hair was covering. He feared that she was the sister that Greave saved years ago before she passed on in front of the whole group.

  Greave was known for doing her work in the rain and dark arias but she loved being a hero as well by going into burning buildings that she saw people that were trapped inside. Now her plunder was keeping this one child away from us she called her Bliz to throw them off. Now Arcum thinks he found her as he tried to steady himself from his discovery.

 The group knows of her but Greave's last words were not to look for her but since she might be the one that might break the one thing that ties them all.

 They came to the building that looked a little crumbled and charred like a fire had made love with the building and devastated it to it's now smoky glory. Winter let go of Arcum's hand and cautiously stepped to the door's entrance as the smoke waved hello to her and she started to cough hard and knelt to the ground with Arcum right beside her. She quieted down and her blue eyes shined with tears that she quickly wiped away with the back of her palm.

 "I'm ok." she assured him and went forward to the archway. He couldn't take Winter going through the smoldering building alone or with him near her with what he just did but she is way too young to leave alone.

 He just found himself looking at a broken window. His mask hangs around his neck and the dark outline of his skin tight hoody that he made himself from his ancestor's discarded fabric himself. His dark blue jeans slid into his knee high boots that hid the knee pads perfectly as an trained assassin should look. But for once he felt he never have seen this person before but he knew that he was staring at himself.

 "They’re gone." she mumbled and she managed to snap him back to reality as she started To move deeper into the house,  trying to find anything from her home.

 "Stop." he said and pulled her away as crackling from above told him that the building was about to collapse. Soon the crackling got worse and she was standing right in the center of a floor and Arcum snatched her just  before the floor above crumbled where she stood. She huddled in his arms and he could feel silent tears stain his pants. He looked forward knowing that he just saved Winter's life and possibly a trainee for Shiv.

 Arcum could see that the building was going to fall the rest of the way soon so he just calmly lifted Winter into his arms and rearranged the cloak around her. "Don't worry; I'll take care of you. Promise you never have to be alone." he whispered and Winter popped her head from his cloak and smiled and settled back and closed her eyes as they went through the streets as silent rain covered Arcum's tears since he couldn't help but feeling that he just found the one person Greave didn't want them to find.

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