the creed

Arcum, an assasin that has a huge secret.. He is part of the one percent of born and suposebly raised to kill and hit in the world of assassins called the creed. But the cread is old an the marking has faded over one hundred years of genarations and now they are fadeing into the shadows forever as one more younger member had stubbled across Arcum's path and will that one person show a generation where red isn't a common color to come home with or will he fade into a suposibly set fate for all of the remanning members?

(stats: started september ended writing november 13!!! .)


15. ch 15

Arcum awoke on white sheets that smelled clean, and new while the pillow was filled with feathers and was unheard of but was nice to him that his head was comfortable like the rest of his body as he faded back to sleep starring at the picture of a cross next to a star and other items of sorts on the wall as he started to wonder where in the world he was at.

He yanked the sheets off him and now he is alert with his wrist and hand was still pulsating a little but it still hurt. Arcum noticed that he was shirtless but his cloak was hanging on the end of a set of hooks by the door. He quickly snatched the cloak and slipped it on and made sure he was covered since he had no idea what had happened or what day it is.

He raced through the building to find Greave or Winter somewhere in this place.  Every twist and turn made him quite uneasy as he came up with unfamiliar rooms of emptiness and the want to just find them just to see if they were ok.

He could only think if he was back at the family base and Shiv just wanted to keep him alive long enough to fight and then impound him to just that base or kill all three of them together.

He speed up with every dark thought that ran through his head but soon he ran into a woman with dark brown hair and smoky blue eyes with an assassin built body to only throw Arcum off the fact that she might not be one of the family members since she is dressed as a nurse or doctor. The woman smiled at Arcum for a moment as Greave’s footsteps rang in the hallways nearby which calmed him down knowing if Greave was alive, Winter would be as well.

“Are you one of the family?” He asked ready for a fight and hoping that she is one.

"Yes Arcum she wouldn't be here if she was part of the creed." Arcum heard Greave sighed behind him and he felt calm that she was a friend not a foe.

"My real name is Frietta but my family name is Fear." she smiled a welcoming smile as her eyes gleamed the same way. "Now let's see those wounds back in your room."

"See Arcum there are freed people of the creed everywhere to help you since the family is gadding to nothing. They don't truly live the life of the creed..." Greave started but Arcum interfered that is just waiting till we are called and then we are part of the family again. So we are still in it!”

"Only if they are called!" Arcum said and he went on in a complete mad ramble. "That isn't being free Greave that is just waiting till we are being called and then we are part of the family again. So we are sill in!” He could feel the heat of anger rise with every word that he shouted understanding that Greave wanted more on leave then freed like he wants to be since all Arcum has seen most of his life was killing and death at every turn to where now he is just tired of it all to where he wants out.

“I know it’s not what you want to hear Arcum but the world has already accepted us since we can now walk without any mask or disguise. We can now get a real job in the real world and raise normal families so we can fade into the real world and not have to worry about the creed knocking on our doorstep. That is why we need to end it.” Greave explained but it only sent Arcum in a tizzy since he knew who would be the next head of the creed and it would be him and greave would have laid it all on his shoulders for Arcum to carry while Winter and her go frolicking in day to day activities of what they call normalcy. He was going to live his own life and if that means leaving in a cloud of dust then so be it he will let Shiv win.

But then again Shiv is the cruelest person that he has ever met since she is known for beating others for her anger issues and talks in riddles so sometimes you can’t understand what she is saying. So in that case he if  just let her win she would continue hunting him which would just make his life on a string since you never know what assassin will be after you and then if you’re lucky to even know if one is after you.

They returned to the room and Fear gave Arcum a new sweatshirt that she found somewhere and Arcum didn’t care he hated being shirtless.  “Thanks.” Arcum muffled and slid it over his head as was extra cautious of the new wraps that covered his wound from Garen’s fight on one while the other was to cover his mark.

“Arcum the world isn’t as bad as you think.” Winter calmly said as she came into the room. Her hair was in tangles possibly from turning so much the night but once again, Winter had her charm on that brakes Arcum every time to his caring voice.

“I’m just unsure. I want to break the creed but afterwards.” He huffed and felt something odd come down his cheek that was cold to the touch he lifted his right hand to his cheek and removed it to find that a tear escaped him. He was surprised that he was crying and now scared for his life as he quickly looked up at Greave with horror at what she would do next.”

“It is ok to show weakness here Arcum. Just let me know when you are done Winter, and I have something to show you.” Greave said and she led Winter out of the room with her. Fear checked his wounds and then quietly left to leave him to do something that usually would have gotten him killed if Shiv knew that he, for the first time since the night Greave supposedly died he cried and let all the pressure release onto his bead.

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