the creed

Arcum, an assasin that has a huge secret.. He is part of the one percent of born and suposebly raised to kill and hit in the world of assassins called the creed. But the cread is old an the marking has faded over one hundred years of genarations and now they are fadeing into the shadows forever as one more younger member had stubbled across Arcum's path and will that one person show a generation where red isn't a common color to come home with or will he fade into a suposibly set fate for all of the remanning members?

(stats: started september ended writing november 13!!! .)


10. ch 10

He just stared at the lights till he heard footsteps behind him but it weren’t Winter checking up on him and letting him soak in the beauty of the night like he never had before. The footsteps were slow and stopped right behind him but he wasn’t scared as he settled into a sitting position on the rooftop’s rising nails that acted like pins with his but so he shifted to get comfy. 

“You know you can live among them.” Greave said as she settled next to him. He looked at her with wanting eyes as Winter joined them in this important moment.

“How? We are wanted people. You and now I am as well. I have to show you.”  Arcum stuttered trying to wrap his mind around something as simple as he tried to urge Winter to hand over the wanted poster. But Greave  already had the pieces that he wanted her to see as the scratching of her fingers unraveling the pieces of the poster just reminded him of the sound of the last scratchy breaths that Garen had to take for him to retrieve the paper.

“This, I know Arcum this is why we have to fight back. Most people in the creed have no idea that there is something out there for all of us let alone a life for themselves. And you will find out for yourself that this life can be beautiful and it starts with this first light.”  Greave said as she turned to the west and a glimmer of a sunrise rested to the grass and stretched its rays to him and his friends.

It was beautiful to Arcum since he never rose before the sun and rarely lived during the day at all since he preferred the stealthy approach of sneaking in at night or shooting at a distance. A more cowardly approach to some but it is still an art form to disarm a technological advance system with just basic tools and leave with a kill and a paycheck.

He stared at the sun to its brightest peek and then looked away. “The sun, to bright and yet to beautiful.” He said as she looked away. Greave  just smiled as she folded the paper back into her jacket.

“A new beginning for all of us.” Greave said and Arcum knew what she meant that the creed had to die but Shiv was in the head and won’t go easily. And then there was the rest of the family what about them? There would still be people to take the head but if he could step out and explore he could be the priest to bring down the creed.

“Agreed.” Arcum said and still wanted to know one thing but Greave  stood and climbed to the top of the bell tower and gently balanced and let the wind slice through her as her eyes scanned the ground for something in till she found something that she was looking for and jumped off the edge. Arcum quickly scrambled to see where she went or that Greave was ok.

Of course she was fine and found a bush that was big enough for her to get away with some scrapes and the limp to return to where she got her retractable cane out and limped away a bit to make room for Winter to fallow. Winter gracefully flipped a front flip showing how comfortable she has become over the years of being trained off and on by Greave and clearly this was always the meeting spot for them since she showed precision with everything that had happened so far as she landed perfectly into the bush and climbed out.

Arcum stuttered a little before he jumped and felt the wind dice trough him quickly but he didn’t do anything fancy like Greave or Winter just a normal, on the mark kind of jump. As he climbed out he couldn’t help but kept looking back at the historic building for some odd reason and Greave turned around to spot him looking.

“You recognize the place.” Greave said in a kind voice. Arcum kept his eyes on the old building in front of him and slightly nodded. She came back and put a slight hand on his shoulder that sent chills down his spine.

“This is where I was dropped off.” Arcum said and Greave could feel the sadness radiating off of him.

 The softness of the morning with the birds just starting to sing was new to Arcum as the windows that were not yet boarded started to show their pictures of saviors and worshipers out of the glass mosaics.  The tallest peak was the cross that stood high above them as a grate hiding spot for any assassin.

“I know.” Greave said and Arcum was floored on that she knew what happened that moment and possibly the night that he always wanted to know about, the night that he was given up and the night she technically died.

“Tell me.” Was all he could say, “Everything.”

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