A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


34. Under a microscope

Melody's POV

     ~12 weeks later~ 

     It's been 12 weeks, three months, since my surgeries. The scar on my stomach is completely gone. My knee is also completely healed. Yes, I can still dance. 
     In February, the boys and I had a little celebration for my one year anniversary of living with them. It was definitely a day to remember. 
     It's April now and pretty soon me and Harry are going to be celebrating our one year anniversary! 
     Today we are flying back to London. Well for the boys they are heading back. For me, it's my first time! I can't wait. 
     "Melody is your bag ready?" Harry asked me from the living room of our hotel room. 
     "Yup. It's in here luggage dude" I yelled back. 
     "What did you call me?" Harry asked right behind me. I jumped and screamed. 
     "Jesus Harry what the fuck? Are you trying to kill me?" I asked. 
     "Hell no!" He yelled. 
     "I'm just kidding" I said. 
     "Oh you better be" he said. He lifted me up and placed me over his shoulder. 
     "Harry what the hell?" I asked. 
     "Well we have about an hour before the flight. You thinking what I'm thinking?" He asked throwing me on the bed. 
     "Well then get over here" I said pulling him on top of me. 


     I woke up in the bed. Completely bare. Then I remembered what happened and I smiled. 
     "Hey you ready to go?" He asked. He was already fully clothed. How long was I out?
     "Yea." I threw on some clothes, grabbed my bag and left the hotel holding his hand. 
     As soon as we got outside, paparazzi surrounded it. I clung onto Harry extremely tight. I started to breath heavy. Memories of that night started to flood back to my mind. 
     Harry realized what was happening. He took my bag and gave it to Niall to carry. Then he picked me up bridal style. We made our way out of the mob of photographers and finally got into the car. 
     "We are finally away from them." Harry said. 
     "Thank god." I said. 
     "Don't worry I'll protect you"
He said. 
     We finally made it to the airport. It was packed with fans and photographers. We got through the check in and security and finally got to the gate. I sat down and down comfortable on the chair. 
     "I'll be right over there with they boys. If we don't satisfy the fans somehow there will be a riot." He said chuckling. 
     "Ok. Be safe I love you. I'm gonna run to the bathroom." I said kissing him. He got up and the boys walked over to crowd of fans. 
     I walked over to the bathroom. When I got out, the boys were still signing autographs. I smiled so big it hurt my face. 
     "Can I help you?" A man said. 
     "Um, no thanks" I said. 
     "You sure, I think I can help" he said pushing me up against the wall. He smashed his lips into mine and I couldn't get him off of me. I kept pushing him by the shoulders but he wouldn't budge. 
     "Hey! Get off of her!" Harry yelled. I felt the man get pulled off me and Harry gathered me in his arms. Louis and Niall were pushing the guy and getting all up in his face. Security came over and took the man away. 
     "Well that was interesting" Louis said walking back over to us. 
     "I think I'm gonna be sick. Anybody got any disinfectant or something." I said bending over in disgust. 
     "Aw I'm sorry babe" Harry said. 
     "Whatever just kiss me so I can get your taste instead of that fuckin creeps." I said. 
     "Um no way am I getting that on these" he said pointing to his lips. What a diva. 
     "Get over here and kiss me" I said chuckling. 
     "Never!" He said running away. I ran after him. I finally caught up to him and jumped on his back. 
     "Do you surrender?" I asked him. 
     "Do I have a choice" he said. 
     "Never!" I yelled. 
     He put me down, turned around and gave me a passionate kiss right in the middle of the airport. It was so romantic. We reluctantly broke apart and walked back to the gate. We boarded the plane. I sat on the window seat and Harry sat on the other side. Niall was on the other side of Harry. Liam, Zayn and Louis sat behind us. 
     The flight attendant finished her long speech about emergency exits and other safety precautions to take. It was time for departure.
     I grabbed Harry's hand and squeezed it tight. I started to breath heavy.
     "Is everything alright?" Harry asked.
     "Not really. Not a big fan of flying." I said.
     "Don't worry, I'm here." Harry said.
     I leaned my head on his chest and buried my face in his shirt. The only place I could possibly feel safe right now.
     Once we were finally in the air, I kept my face hidden in his shirt.
     "Mel, you can come out now. It's safe." Harry said.
     I muffled something but I don't think Harry could hear.
     "What?" He said and chuckled. 
     I picked my head up and leaned it on his shoulder.
     "I feel safe here. I like feeling you breath and hearing your heart beat." I said.
     "Ok then, ill keep you safe." He said.
     "Look at the two love birds" Niall said. 
     I reached across Harry and hit Niall in the face. We all started to laugh. 
     Then I saw a flash. It was a photographer. Great. 
     "Can we help you?" Harry asked. 
     "Can I ask you two a few questions?" The man said. 
     "Will you leave us alone after." I asked. 
     "Absolutely." The man said. 
     "I'll be in the loo" Niall said leaving us. The man sat down in Niall's seat and pulled out a note pad. 
     "Hold long have you two been together?" 
     "June it will be our one year anniversary." Harry said. 
     "Any thoughts about marriage?" 
     "Well I'm not sure about Harry but I can definitely picture my future with Harry." I said 
     "Same. I know that I definitely want Mel in my life. No question about that." Harry said. 
     "Can you tell us your reactions on what happened to Melody a couple of months ago?" 
     "I don't like talking about it. I almost lost the love of my life. I can't bear to have another experience like that again" Harry said. 
     "Same. I also had a dislocated knee at the time so my dancing career was slipping out of my hands. But everything is good now and I'm dancing better than ever." I said. 
     "Who do you choreograph for?" 
     "Mostly the boys. I'm also in a dance group called DJM." I said. 
     "I think that's enough" Niall said patting the man on his shoulder. 
     "Yes. Thank you." And the man walked away. Niall sat back down and looked pissed. Like overly pissed. 
     "What's wrong mate?" Harry asked. 
     "You will never guess who is on this plane with us" Niall said. 
     "Who?" I asked. 
     "Yea who?" Harry asked. 
     "The Wanted" 


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