A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


8. Ugly Discovery

Harry's POV 

     When I reluctantly broke away from our hug, we walked back inside. I sat back down in my original spot and watched as Melody danced her heart away. She was amazingly good. 
     Half way through their third song, I had to use the bathroom. I walked out of the gym, through a long hallway and finally located a bathroom. 
     As I was opening the door a blonde haired girl, probably a fan, walked over to me. 
     "Hi, I'm Ashley." She said. 
     "I'm Harry" I said. 
     "I know. So can I talk to you for a minute?" She asked. 
     "Sure" I said. She grabbed my hand and we walked into a classroom. 
     "So what's going on?" I asked her. She closed the door and walked over to me. 
     "Look, I know you want me. So lets just get right to it." She said. She took her jacket off and slammed her lips against mine. She started to pull my shirt out of my pants when the door swung open. 

Melodys POV 

     We went through our third dance a couple of more times when I realized that Harry still hasn't returned. I started to worry.     
When Danielle called a five minute break, I immediately ran out of the gym and down a hallway when I heard strange noises in a classroom. I ran over to the closed door and opened it. Tears started to form in my eyes immediately.
     Harry was kissing Ashley. 
     I ran out of the room crying my heart out. I do like Harry but I just caught him kissing her...

Harry's POV 

     Shit. I quickly tucked my shirt back in my pants and ran after Melody. 
     "Hey get back here. I don't think we are done!" Ashely yelled. 
     I kept walking and didnt turn around to respond. 
     "Why do you want her anyways I mean look at her" she said running after me and grabbing my hand so I would stop. 
     I yanked my hand out of hers and gave her a death glare,"don't you ever talk about her that way again. Leave me alone you bitch." 
     I ran out of the building to find Melody crying on the bench we were sitting on before. 
     "Melody" I called to her. I ran over to her and saw that her cheeks were stained with tears. 
     "Look you have your life and I have mine. I'm just gonna leave you alone" she said. 
     "Look she made the first move I tried to make her stop" I said. 
     "Melody we are starting again!" Jeanette yelled to us from an 'exit' door. 
     "Look it's none of my business" she said getting up and wiping away her tears. When we got back inside, Melody was dancing even better than before. Better than her teachers. I guess being angry helps her dance better...

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