A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


3. Truth time?

Melodys POV 

     I woke up to the sound of Harry cooking eggs and bacon. I sat up, rubbed my eyes and looked out the window. Nothing but trees and dirt. I stood up and walked over to Harry. 
     "Good morning how did you sleep?" He asked me with a smile. 
     "Great thanks. Best night sleep I had in days." I said. 
     He turned his head and stared deeply into my eyes. "Melody, do you want to tell what's really going on?" 
     I licked my lips and turned my head away, "I told you." 
     "Walking on a highway in the middle of nowhere is not a bet. That's suicide." He said.
     "That's better" I muttered under my breath. 
     "Pardon?" He asked. 
     "Nothing" I said.
     He served the food on a plate and handed it to me with a fork. 
     "Here, eat" he said. 
     I smiled and took the plate, "thank you." 
     I sat down and ate my breakfast. Shortly after Niall, Liam and Louis joined me. 
     "Where's Zayn ?" Harry asked Louis. 
     "Probably still getting his 'beauty sleep'"Louis said. 
     "Why didnt I think of that?" Harry said. 
     "So Melody, have you been to Lake George before?" Niall asked me. 
     "Yes actually this is my favorite place in the world. Um, where are we anyways?" I asked. 
     "We are in some campground hiding up in the mountains." Liam said. 
     "Why did you guys stay in America?" I asked. 
     "We wanted a different surrounding. Besides no one would think to look for us up here." Louis said. 
     "That's genius" I said. 
     "So Melody, what were you going to do when you got up here?" Liam asked. 
     "Well my parents gave me some money so I was gonna get a room at a hotel and stay here until the end of summer"I said. 
     "Why that long?" Harry asked. 
     "There's this outdoor dance competition in the village this summer and I'm going to enter with my dance teachers." I said. 
     "You're that good? Sorry that sounded rude" Harry said. 
     "No I get it. Dancing with the people that taught me everything I know is a once in a lifetime chance for me" I said. 
     Just then Zayn entered the room. His hair was all messed up and he still had his pajamas on. 
     "Don't freakin look at me I just want food" Zayn said.
     "Good morning to you too" Louis said. 

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