A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


6. The start of the pressure

Harry's POV
~4 months later~

     Melody has been with us for four months now. I have to say, she is pretty awesome. She sensible but insanely crazy at the same time. She really is a true dare devil. Her hand has totally healed now. It's now early June and she is starting her dance competition practices soon. She is so excited. It's all she ever talks about. I really want to she how good of a dancer she is. 
     In four months, she still hasn't told us her full story. But yes, I still really like her. 

Melodys POV 

     I can believe I have been living with One Direction for the past four months. They are crazy and annoying but I love them. Anyways my dance practices start tomorrow. I can't wait to see my teachers. 
     The boys know I'm still hiding the truth but they aren't really pressuring me to tell them. They are so sweet.  
     We had to move the tour bus higher in the mountains cause people are starting to come up and camp. I can't believe they are hiding like this. 

~next day~ 

     Melodys POV

     I was washing dishes in the sink when I heard a knock at the bus door. I turned the water off, dried my hands and opened the door. There stood two of my dance teachers. I screamed and gave both of them tight hugs. 
     "How have you guys been?" I asked them. 
     "Freaking out a little. We really need to win this competition. We really need the cash price. With all of the expenses at the studio, I might have to sell it by the end of the year." My teacher answered. 
     My heart sank. That was my second home. It can't close. It won't close. 
     "Well come inside let me introduce you to my new family" I told them. 
     When they both walked inside the gasped. They have obviously never see the inside of a tour bus. 
     "Boys!" I yelled. They all came flooding into the living and looked at my teachers. 
     "One Direction, this is Jeanette" I said pointing to the blonde girl,"and Danielle." I said pointing to the dark haired girl." Girls, this is One Direction." 
     Jeanette extended her arm to shake their hands. "I am such a big fan" she said. 
     "Well boys, I am off to start practice." I said grabbing my bag. I had on a purple tank top and baggy sweat pants. I left my hair down so I could whip it when I needed to. 
     "Wait where are you guys practicing? There aren't any studios around" Niall said. 
     "Aw look how smart you've become" I said running my hand through his hair to mess it up. 
     "Hey, don't mess with the hair" he said playfully. 
     "Whatever, we rented the gym in the Lake George high school." I said answering Nialls question. 
     "Can we come watch?" Liam asked. 
     I looked to my teachers who were nodding their heads fast in agreement. "Sure but, no making fun of us." 
     "Deal!" Louis yelled running outside. 
     The boys got in their car and I got into Jeanette's car. We drove ahead of them. There was road work being done so we ended up getting to the school about 20 minutes before the boys. That's when I saw her...


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