A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


38. Telling

Melody's POV

     I laid in bed in Harry's arms. I can believe he proposed to me last night. It was so special. 
     "Hey you awake" Harry whispered. 
     "Yea." I said admiring my ring. 
     "You like it?" He asked. 
     "I love it. And I love you." I said shifting in his arms so I could kiss him. 
     "So should we tell the guys?" I asked. 
     "Nah. They already know. When they left, they stopped here in the apartment and set it all up." He said. 
     "God I love u" I said. 
     "I love you more than you know." He said. 

     "So where am I meeting the other boys to teach them their dance?" I asked. 
     "They told us to take you to a dance studio somewhere east of here" Zayn said. 
     "Sounds like an urban legend is gonna get started" I said. 
     "But we are staying with you" Harry said. All day, anytime I look at his face, all I can do is smile. I looked at my hand and it felt so weird to have a beautiful ring on my finger. 
     "So when's the wedding?" Louis asked. 
     "Louis I just asked her this morning. We are still just trying to adjust to just being engaged." Harry said. 
     "I'm still trying to get used to the feeling of having this ring on my finger" I said. 
     "So what time are we meeting them tomorrow?" Niall asked. 
     "Eleven." Zayn said. 
     "Oh knots are in my stomach. I listened to their song and I can't find a beat or pattern of words good enough make moved to." I said. 
    "Don't worry. You'll do great." Harry said. 
~next day~

     We arrived at the studio. Paparazzi and fans surrounded the studio. Harry held onto my had tight and my hair kept getting into my face. I had to constantly get it our of my face, meaning my ring was getting exposed. 
     We were now waiting for the others guys to show up. They were now an hour late. 
     I'm sitting in a straddle stretching, again. Harry came over to me and sat down in front of me. 
     "Hello beautiful" he said. 
     "Hello fiancé" I said and he chuckled. 
     "Where the hell are they?" I yelled. 
     "Right here jeez calm down" Max said walking into the studio. 
     "You guys are an hour late. You are cutting into your time and mine. Stretch quickly then lets get going" I said. I walked over to my bag and took a sip of water. 
     "Are you sure you want to do this?" Harry asked me. 
     "Positive" I said. 
     "Go get em sexy. But not literally" he said slapping my ass. 
     "Hey save that for later" I said. 
     "Will do" he said walking away from me. 
     "Alright boys. Spread out and I'm gonna teach to the first few moves I have." I said. 
     "You don't have the whole dance done yet?" Nathan asked. 
     "No not yet. It was a bit difficult. Something came up yesterday so I was distracted." I said. I looked at Harry through the mirror and we both smiled. 
     "Secrets secrets secrets"Tom chanted. I ignored it. 
     "Ok so you guys are going to go 1,2,3&4&, 5,6,7&8" I said.  
     The rest of the day I taught them their dance. 
     Halfway through running the dance for the third time, Harry asked if I wanted any coffee. 
     "I know you don't really drink it but would you like a cup?" He asked me. 
     "Large will milk please" I said pretending to faint an holding onto his arm giving him puppy dog eyes. 
     "Large really?" He asked holding me up since I almost fell. 
     "Dude these guys are driving me insane. Plus don't you want me to be energetic for later?" I said only whispering the second part. 
     "I heard that!" Nathan yelled. 
     "You were supposed to" I yelled back. 
     "I'll get you an extra extra large" he said walking away smiling, showing his dimples. 
     God he is so fuckin hot. 
     "Harry take them with you. They look like they are about to die!" I said gesturing towards Zayn, Niall, Louis and Liam. 
     "Thank you!" Louis yelled running out of the studio. 
     They all left and I turned back around to face the mirror. 
     "Wow they just leave you. That's not very nice" Max said. 
     "Hush up before I kick you where the sun don't shine" I said pleasantly. 
     "What?" He asked. 
     "My god you guys really aren't from America" I muttered pretending to pull my hair out. 
     "So, do it again. I'm watching this time." I said. I turned the music on and slide to the floor, my back on the mirror. 
     "Get lower!" I would yell. "Arms up higher!" 
     Finally after about twenty minutes Harry and the boys came back. Harry handed me my coffee. As soon as I took a sip I gagged. 
     "What's wrong?" Liam asked. 
     "It's coffee. What do you think is wrong" I said. Harry chuckled. 
     "Drink up. You need your energy" I said staring at him. He couldn't help but smile. I pinched his cheek and he just stared at me with an annoyed expression. 
     "What? You're so adorable" I said. 
     He tried to do the same to me but I just kept pushing his hand away. 
     "Don't touch the face babe" I said. 
     "Really?" He said. 
     "Really" I said. 
     "Ok" he said taking my coffee and putting both of ours down. "You might want to run" 
     I did as he said and ran out of the studio. When we got outside he was hot on my tail. He grabbed ahold of my waist and pulled me down with him onto the grass. 
     "You bitch" I said. 
     "Fuckin sexy fiancé" he said pulling me in for a kiss. We laid on the grass just kissing each other for the longest time. Then it started to pour. We didn't care though. We just kept making out on the grass. It was the most romantic thing ever. Until the boys interrupted us.
     "Hey you two your gonna get yourselves sick!" Louis yelled. 
     "Every fuckin time" Harry said. 
     "We will be right there" I yelled back. 
     We got up and walked back into the studio soaking wet. 
     "What's with you two?" Siva asked. 
     "They are in love stupid" Zayn said. 
     "How in love?" Nathan asked a little too sad. 
     "Engagement in love" I said holding up my hand to show them all. 

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