A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


35. Secrets

Harry's POV

     I shivered just hearing the name. 
     "You've got to be fuckin kidding me" I said. 
     "No I'm not. I wouldn't even say their name if I didn't have to" Niall said. 
     "I know what you mean" I said. 
     "So this flight just went from slightly peaceful to a full fledged nightmare." Niall said. 
     "Well not really. I still have Melody right here with me" I said. I looked down and she was starting to fall asleep on my shoulder. 
     "She looks so peaceful" Niall said. "Picture!" 
     He pulled his phone out and snapped a picture of my sleeping Melody. 
     I eventually fell sleep with my head on Melody's. 

Melody's POV

     "Hey Mel, it's time to wake up." Harry said stroking me cheek. I opened my eyes and everybody else has gotten off of the plane. 
     "Hi" I said. 
     "Hey babe." He said kissing me. "Ready?"
     "Mm I'm so damn tired." I said closing my eyes again. 
     "Come on ill carry you. Get on my back" he said. I stood up with what energy I had left and jumped onto his back. He held my leg, hold his bag in his other hand and I wrapped my arms around his neck, not too hard though. 
Harry's POV

     I walked off if the plane and met the boys near the baggage claim. We stood there and Melody was getting really heavy. 
     "Here give me your bag. Don't drop her" Niall said. 
     "Thanks mate" I said. I handed him my back and grabbed Melody's other leg supporting her. Much better. 
     "What? Did you kill her or something?" Someone said. 
     We all turned to find Siva, Max, Jay and Tom from The Wanted standing right next to us. 
     "What the hell do you want?" Zayn asked. 
     "Just to say hi" Max said. 
     "Ha your funny. What do you really want?" Louis asked. 
     "Look we don't want any trouble right now. We just to talk to you about some thing. In private." Siva said. 
     I felt Melody's head move. 
     "Mm what's going on?" She asked. 
     "Nothing. You ok?" I asked setting her back on her feet. 
     "Yea I'm just gonna go to the bathroom. Ill be back soon" she said giving me a kiss and walking away. 
     "Aw look how cute you two are" Siva said. 
     "So what do you want?" Liam asked. 

Melody's POV

     I finished washing my hands and walked out of the bathroom. I looked towards the boys and saw them in an intense conversation with the boys from The Wanted. 
     I didn't want to interrupt them so I just stood there, standing awkwardly. 
     "Are you lost?" Someone said. Oh no not this again. 
     "Um please just stay away from me" I said turning to see who it was. 
     Nathan Sykes. 
     "I'm sorry. I promise I'm not going to touch you. I just want to know if I can help you" he said. 
     "Sorry. I'm just well, my boyfriend is a bit busy and I don't want to disturb him." I said. 
     "Your boyfriend doesn't have time for you. That's a shock. Someone as beautiful as you should have eyes on eyes on her at all times" he said. 
     "Gee thanks. I don't feel creeped out at all" I said. 
     "Oh my god. Your Harry's dancer girlfriend uhh Melanie?"he said. 
     "Melody and yes. So just back off and leave me alone." I said. 
     "Is there a problem here?" Harry said walking over to us. 
     "No not at all" I said wrapping an arm around Harry's waist. 
     "Well, you'll tell us what you think?" Max said walking away. Harry nodded his head. 
     The boys and I finally got to our luggage and headed to their flats. Liam and Zayn shared one while Niall and Louis had one. Harry had one all to himself which was perfect for me and him. When we all finished unpacking, we decided to go out for dinner.  
     We arrived at the restaurant and sat down at a table. We ordered our meals and then sat in awkward silence. 
     "So what were you guys talking to the 'other boys' about?" I asked. 
     "Well I guess it was sooner than later that she would find out." Liam said. 
     "Find out what?" I asked. 
     "You really want to hear this?" Zayn said. 
     "Yes tell me." I said. 
     "It's you" Niall said. 
     "What about me?" I asked. 
     Harry pit his head in his hands. 
     "They want you" 


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