A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


14. New things

Harry's POV

     I spit my drink out and dropped my glass. 
     "Hey man you ok?" Zayn asked hitting my back. I caught my breath and stood up straight. 
     "Did you say dancing?" I asked her in disbelief. 
     "Yea!" She said enthusiastically. I stood there frozen. 
     "Harry what's wrong?" Melody asked. 
     "I don't, I can't dance in front of a crowd." I said.  
     "Come on" Melody said grabbing my hand and walking me outside. 
     "Harry what's the big issue. You perform in front of thousands of people" she said. 
     "Yea but I'm not trying to perfect moves. I'm not skilled in dancing." I said. 
     "Harry listen to me, if you are great singing in front of people then you are going to be great dancing in front of people." She said. I sat and thought for a minute. 
     "I'm sorry I'm being selfish. I'm gonna do this for you. And I am going to try my best" I said. 
     "You're the best. Thank you."she said giving me a kiss. 

Melody POV 

~next day~

     "Ok guys so instead of having us do like three different songs, we are dancing to a like 10 minute mash up." I said. 
     "10 minutes of dancing?" Niall asked.
     "Yes" I responded.
     "Sweet"Louis said. 
     "So you guys can watch me and the girls at first and then we will start teaching you the steps, ok?" I said. 
     The boys all nodded their heads in agreement. 
     The girls and I started to dance. I noticed Harry's eyes were really wide. I think he's freaking out a bit. When we finished, I turned towards the boys and they all looked excited. Even Harry. 
     "Harry are you ok with all of this now?" I asked him. 
     "This looks exciting" he said. 
     "Finally you admit it" Niall said patting him on the back. 
     "Ok guys. Get up let's start teaching you the steps." I said. All of the boys stood up and they spread to all parts of the gym. I turned around and realized that they were all too far away. 
     "Ok I'm gonna put you guys in a formation instead." I said. 
     I put them in a pyramid formation. Liam is in the back right and Zayn is in the back to the left. In the front row, Louis on the right, Niall to the left and Harry in between them. 
     "Ok guys now we can start. Ok so I goes 1-2-3-4-5&6-7&8&." I said. 
     They rest of the day we spent teaching them the dance moves. They picked up on the moves quickly. 

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