A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


31. More surprises...

Melody's POV

     "Wait, what do you mean I can see and talk to dead people?" I asked. 
     "Ever since you were a kid, you would always be talking to blank space. When you were 13 and we went to Bermuda, we found a woman who explained everything to us. She knew because she could do the same thing. You can see images of them but mostly you see orbs traveling." My mother said. 
     I sat in shock. They were totally right. Zayn took his phone out and started texting someone. A moment later Liam's phone rang. 
     "Mel are you ok?" Harry asked. 
     "They are right. I can see ghosts." I said. While I was trying to process what just happened Liam got up and walked over to the hostess station. He was talking to the girl who was working there and it looked pretty intense. She picked up the phone and hung up a moment later. Interesting. 
     "Now that that's out there," my father said pulling something out of his pocket. "You are going to come with us". I gasped. 
     He held a gun up and pointed it at me. *Bang*

Harry's POV

     Melody's father fell to the floor. 
     "Oh my god" Melody said clinging onto me. I wrapped her in my arms and buried her behind me. 
     Police ran over to the table. Melody's mother put her hands up and looked afraid. Police put handcuffs on her wrists and took her away. Her father was taken away in a stretcher. 
     "What happened?" Niall asked. 
     "Well lets say its a good thing you had your friend call us. We have been tracking those two for about a year now." The officer said. 
     Melody popped up and asked, "What do you mean you've been tracking them?"  
     "They failed to call in for a 'check up' and they have been on the run ever since." The officer said. 
     "What were they in trouble for?" I asked. 
     "Possession of a gun without a permit and drugs" the officer said. 
     "Ok, thank you" I said. 
     "I knew they were bad luck I just knew it. I can't believe it. They weren't even supposed to have that gun and they were using drugs while I was around!" Melody said now crying. I pulled her close. 
     "It's ok. You're safe. I'll keep you safe" I said. 
     "Let's get out of here. People are watching." Zayn said. 
     I scooted out of booth and picked Melody up. Only a few more hours until I can take her to the hospital. 
     "Come on guys. Lets go to the park." Louis said. 
     When we got there I sat down on a bench with Melody on my lap. 

Melody's POV

     It felt so good to be held onto tightly by Harry. I love him so much. 
     "Are you ok now? I know that was a lot to take in" he said. 
     "I'm am perfectly fine as long as I'm in your arms" I said giving him a passionate kiss. 
     "Good. Now I have a surprise for you" Harry said. 
     "What is it?" I asked. 
     "Just look at the sky" he said pointing to the sky. 
     "Harry it's ten o'clock. There's nothing to see" I said laughing. 
     "Is there?" He asked. 
     Just then fireworks went off lighting up the night sky. I was truly amazed. He has set the bar pretty high. It was very special. 
     "Oh my gosh. But I didn't know there were supposed to be fireworks tonight." I said. 
     "There weren't. Paul and our choreographer are on the other side if this lake shooting them off" Louis said. 
     "All for you" Harry said. 
     "I love you" I said. 
     "I love you too" Louis said. 
     "Shut up Louis" I said slapping him in the back of the head. 
     "I love you too" Harry said pulling me in for another passionate kiss. 
     The show went on for a good 45 minutes. Then me and the boys just sat in the park enjoying the beautiful night. I didn't realize how late it was until Harry's watch went off, telling us it was midnight. 
     "Happy Birthday" all of the boys said giving me a big group hug. 
     Then a bunch if fans noticed us. How the hell did they find us so late? 
     They ran over and started to surround us. There were too many to count. We all started to run but the fans just surrounded us even more. I lost Harry's hand and we were now separated. 
     Then I felt something sharp go into my stomach. A knife. 
     "Leave Harry alone!" A girl yelled. 
     I fell to the ground and blacked out. 

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