A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


39. Known for something else

Melody's POV

     I showed the boys the engagement ring. Everyone looked genuinely happy. 
     "So run the dance again and then we should be done" I said. 
     The boys ran the dance again and then it was finally time to go home. We all said goodbye and we got in the car. 
     "Considering how much we hate them, I think it's a really great dance" Zayn said. 
     "Thanks Zayn, that's means a lot." I said. 
     "What's the move where they go like, you know the-" Harry said while trying to put his head upside down while sitting in the car. 
     "Babe, if you keep doing that I'm gonna start thinking your the exorcist." I said. 
     "No don't think that" he said pulling my head close to his heart. I could hear it beating. It sounded so normal. I felt safe. Then his phone buzzed in his pants. He pulled it out and looked at the caller I.D. 
     "Hey guys it's management." He said. "Hello...yea...a half hour?...ok...see you then..." 
     "What's up?" Niall asked. 
     "Management wants to talk to us about something. They wan us to stop by" Harry said. 
     "Can't we have one day without them bothering us?" Liam said. 
     We drove for a half hour to a large building. From the outside it looked like any normal building but on the inside, wow. It looked like a freakin palace. 
     "Amazed huh?" Harry said intertwining his fingers with mine. 
     "So beautiful" I said. 
     "But not a beautiful as you" he said. 
     Niall was behind us and made a weird choking sound. 
     "You ok Niall?" I asked. 
     "Yea. You got a bucket. Too much cheesy love in the room" he said bending over as if he was about to throw up. 
     Harry lifted his leg and kicked Niall right in his ass, causing him to fall over. We all started to laugh so hard we were on the floor. 
     Then Simon came over to us. 
     "Harry and Melody, we need to talk" he said gesturing for us to go into his office. We followed his orders and sat down. He walked into the room and shut the door behind him. 
     "Ok guys, um, you want to explain that?!" He yelled pointing at my ring. 
     "What about it?" I asked. 
     "Harry you are in the most famous band in the world and you are one of the most wanted men out there. Why?" He said. 
     "I fell in love" Harry said. 
     "Right well, to not make this look bad-" Simon started to say but I interrupted him. 
     "Make this look bad?!" I yelled. 
     "I don't want fans to think he just picked a girl off of the highway and fell in love with her." Simon said. 
     "But that's exactly what happened" Harry said. 
     "Yes but does it sound like something the fans want to hear?" Simon asked. 
     "No I guess not." I said. 
     "So we have to make you known for something." Simon said. 
     "But she's known for choreographing" Harry said.
     "But she needs to be bigger" Simon said. 
     "With what?" Harry asked. 
     "Can you sing?" Simon asked. 
     "No. I can't." I said. 
     "Come on. You can't be that bad" Simon said. 
     "Yes I can. My voice box wasn't full developed in a way when I was born so the doctors told me that if I was ever to sing, I'm risking loosing my voice." I said. 
     "You can't be serious?" Harry asked. 
     "Oh I am" I said letting my eyes trail up to his. 
     "Wow. Well now we know not to let you sing. I need to hear your angelic voice." Harry said. Angelic? Aw. 
     "Aww ok so what else can you do?" Simon said. 
     "I got something." I said. 
     "I'm listening." Simon said. 
     "I go back to school and be at the top of my class." I said. 
     "Why that?" Harry asked. 
     "Well for one thing I never finished senior year and it would be nice to be valedictorian." I said. 
     "Well I guess so. Harry Styles marries smart, hard working dancer." Simon said. "I like it". 
     "So we're good?" I asked. I desperately wanted to leave. Simon scares me for some reason. 
     "Perfect. Just tell us when you start studying so paparazzi can get shots of you alright?" Simon said. 
     "Alright." I said getting up and leaving. 
     "School really?" Harry asked. 
     "Yes. It's been my dream to be valedictorian" I said. 
     "I never knew that. You go girl" he said all girly. 
     "Ok that was creepy." I said. 
     We drove back to our flats and settled down for the night. 

(A/N/ hey guys just wanted to say thanks again for reading. Over three hundred people have read! It makes me so happy-Shannon) 


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