A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


40. Give it all up

Melody's POV

     ~3 months later~
     It's been three months since me and Harry got engaged. Yes, everybody knows. They also know that I'm going back to school to graduate and get enough credits to go to college. 
     Two months ago, I took a weekend vacation, by myself, back to my old high school. I got all of my school work. Now I'm sitting here in mine and Harry's flat studying. Yea, I don't miss studying. 
     "Hey Mel how much longer you gonna be?" Harry asked me from our bedroom. 
     "A while why?" I asked. 
     "Dammit. I miss you on our very special bed" he said. 
     I couldn't give that up. I got up and walked into the room shutting the door behind me. I pulled my shirt off and laid down on top of him. 
     "You are so lucky I love you" I said. 
     "I'm am so lucky" he said unclipping my bra and throwing it somewhere in the room. Before I knew it we were both totally naked and were having the time of our lives in that one small moment. 

~10 days later~

     "So how's the studying going?" Liam asked me while we were all out at a restaurant having breakfast. 
     "It's exhausting. It's definitely something I do not miss" I said. 
     "We miss you. You're always studying. When did you become so boring?" Louis said. 
     "When I realized that out of everything I left behind, I missed being with my friends from school and all of the stress from school" I said. 
     "I thought you had to leave. What do you mean you left behind?" Harry said. 
     "Well I told you guys that when my parents pushed me away they pushed my friends away from me" I said. 
     "But you could have gone back" Harry said. 
     "Yes but I just didn't see a life there." I said. 
     "Melody, why are you really studying again?" Liam asked. 
     "I told you. I wanted to be top of my class" I said. 
     "Come on Liam, let's just be happy that's she's chasing her dreams." Niall said. 
     "Melody I think you forgot how much we can read you like an open book. Why are you studying again?" Liam asked. 
     "I wanted to feel like a teenager again ok?" I said. 
     "But you are a teenager" Harry said. 
     "Yes but, not a real one. I don't go to parties with my friends anymore and have late nights just talking. I was a normal teenager who had to grow up in an instant." I said. 
     "So you don't like where you are now?" Harry asked. 
     "No of course I do." I said grabbing his hand. 
     "But you feel as if you were forced into this life" Harry said pulling his hand away. 
     "Harry" I said. 
     "Mel what is it? Do you want this life or not?" Harry said. 
     "Are you trying to push me out of your life?" I asked. 
     "I'm just saving myself the heartbreak" he said. I couldn't believe this. 
     "I can't believe you think that I don't love this new part of my life." I said. I stood up, threw my napkin on the table and left the restaurant. I ran back to the flat and went straight to the bedroom. 

Harry's POV

     "What the hell did I just do?" I asked. 
     "I think you just pushed away the one good thing in your life" Niall said very pissed. "What did you just do?" 
     "Give her a minute to calm down" Louis said. After ten minutes I couldn't take it anymore. 
     I got up and ran out of the restaurant. I ran back to our flat and bursted threw the door. 
     "Mel!?" I yelled. 
     No answer. 
     "Mel! Babe!" 
     Still no answer.
     I ran to the bedroom to find her not there. I looked in the closet. All of her clothes were gone. Everything of hers was gone. 
     On the bed was a picture of the both of us and and a note:

     Remember the first day we kissed? That was the day that I didn't want my old life. I wanted this new one. With you. I left my old life behind because I fell I love with a cheeky curly haired boy. Named Harry Styles. I love you but I think we need a break. I new to figure out what I'm doing with my life. I will always love you unconditionally. 

                     ~Mel xo 

     I dropped the note and fell to the floor, crying uncontrollably. 
     I heard the front door open and a second later Niall stepped in the room. 
     "Where is she?" He asked. 
     "She's gone" I said trough sobs. 
     My phone started to buzz like crazy. I decided to check what was up. It was a bunch of messages on Twitter. 
     I scrolled through all of the tweets on my page. 
     "Why is Melody walking trough the airport crying?"
     "Why is Melody crying?"
     "What happened?" 
     "What did you do to her?"
     She's at the airport. 
     "Niall we gotta go. She's at the airport!" I yelled. 
     We got in the car and drove to the airport. Not caring if we ran a read light or a stop sign. We finally pulled up and I jumped out of the car and ran over to security. 
     "Got a plane ticket son?" A man asked. 
     "No look my fiancé is about to get on a plane all because I was a jackass. I need to get her before she leaves" I said. 
     "Melody Knox?" He asked. 
     "Yes. How did you know?" I asked. 
     "She came through here crying her heart out. I've never seen someone cry like that." He said. My god. My girl was crying. And all because of me. 
     "Please. I have to go get her." I said. 
     "Go ahead. But I'm only doing this because I don't like to see young girls crying like that. Go fix her" he said. 
     "Thank you." I said. I went through security and then ran around the airport searching for her. Then I saw a sign saying "Flight 7395 to JFK, New York" to the left. I followed the arrow and arrived at the gate. But nobody was there. They were all on the plane. A flight attendant was closing the door. I ran over. 
     "Please you have to let me get on there. The love of my life ran away and I need to get her back." I said. 
     "I'm sorry sir but the plane is pulling away right now" she said pointing out the window. Sure enough, the plane was already pulling away. 
     "No!" I yelled. 
     I fell to the floor and sobbed my heart out. 
     Then I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder and an all too familiar voice. 

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