A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


16. Competition Day

Melodys POV

     It's competition day. I am freaking out. Even with all of Harry's support yesterday, I still feel as if I'm going go mess up. I just need to get this over with. 
     I'm at the park in town where we are going to perform. The stage is huge. On the side are curtains and other stuff so that when you are off stage, you are literally off stage. That's good considering NOBODY knows One Direction is performing with us. We have security ready for when they do come out. Not even Ashley's group knows our secret weapon. 
     I walked over to the boys and the girls. They looked happy while I feel so sick. 
     "Hey guys." I said blankly. Harry put his arms around me. 
     "Hey babe what's up? You seem tense" he said. 
     "Melody, is everything alright?" Danielle asked walking over to me.
     "Yea, I just, um, I feel a bit" I said but that's all I remember. 
Harry's POV

      Melody fainted and fell in my arms. That's the scariest feeling in the world. 
     "Melody! Mel!" I yelled. 
     "Hey can we get the paramedics!" Danielle yelled to a backstage worker. 
     "Mel please wake up" I said softly with tears forming in my eyes. 
     The paramedics came over and took Melody to our dressing room. I tried to go in but they told me I had to wait outside. 
     A few minutes turned into 5 which turned into ten. Finally one of the paramedics came out. 
     "She's awake an responsive. She was really dehydrated and from the looks of it she's hasn't eaten in the past 24 hours." He said. 
     I ran inside and went over to Melody's side. She was laying on the couch with a cold rag on her forehead. I grabbed her hand and sat on the floor in front of her. 
     "Mel are you ok?" I asked. 
     "Yes I feel fine. Just a little dizzy" she said trying to sit up. 
     "Hey no. Lay down. Melody, were you starving yourself?" I asked her. She started to ball her eyes out. I gather her in my arms and sat down next to her. 
     "I had to" she said. 
     "Why?" I asked heart broken. 
     "I feel like I'm not good enough for you. I feel like I'm not skinny enough or pretty enough. Your ex Taylor, she's just stunning and I'm not." She said. 
     "Were you comparing yourself to her?" I asked her lifted her head up. 
     She nodded her head shyly. 
     "Why?" I asked her. I could feel tears wanting to explode from my eyes. 
     "Well you dated her so I figured you liked people who were perfect like that." She said. 
     "You are perfect. You don't compare to her. You're much much more beautiful and perfect than her" I said. 
     "Harry we both know you are just trying to comfort me" she said. 
     "I'm trying to tell you how much I love you" I said. 
     She got up and walked over to the door opening it. 
     "Don't say that." She said with anger. 
     "Why?" I asked in disbelief. 
     "Don't say that and then leave me. Just don't." She said walking out. 

Melodys POV

     "Mel, what are you talking about." Harry asked me running after me. 
     "Next up is DJM! Please make some noise" the announcer yelled. 
     "Come on. We have to perform now." I said. 
     "Are you sure you can dance?" Danielle asked. 
     "Absolutely" I said walking on the stage determined. 
     The girls and I started to dance. The boys waited for their time to come on the stage. I was already tired and worn out. But I had to keep going. 
     It was time for the boys. I walked off stage, and the music faded out. The music came back on and us girls walked back on stage slowly. When the beat started to pick up, the boys ran on stage. Everybody realized what was happening and they started to run to the stage. Security ran out and held everybody back. 
     Finally it was time for the finale. 
The girls ran to the side of the stage and the boys danced for a minute alone. It was time. Harry got in position. I ran on stage and into Harry's arms. He lifted me up and spun me around in a spiral while I kept my body straight. He set me down and we got into our finishing poses. The crowd went crazy. I think they enjoyed the dance beside having One Direction dance with us. 
     We bowed and ran off stage. 
     "I finally did it" I said. 
     "I think we won! Thank you so much guys for doing this for us!" Jeanette said to the boys. 
     Harry pulled me away from the group to a secluded area. 
     "Harry I'm sorry" I said. 
     "Why should you be sorry?" He asked. 
     "Cause I over reacted." I said. 
     "I think you under reacted. Your right we have only been dating for a couple of weeks. It's too soon to say that." He explained. 
     "It's not that. My parents told me that they loved me unconditionally the day before they pushed me out of their lives" I said. 
     "I'm sorry that happened. But I promise you I do actually love you unconditionally." He said. 
     "How do you know? We haven't really hung out except for yesterday." I said. 
     "But I can feel it. In here" he said lifting my hand over his heart.
     "But for now ill say that I really like you" he said smiling. 
     "I really like you too" I said kissing him. 
     "Guys come on. We are gonna find out who wins!" Louis yelled. 
     "Why does he always interrupt us kissing" Harry asked annoyed. 
     "I don't know but come on" I said dragging him back onto the stage. 
     "So I see you paid these boys to dance with you but I'm telling you, you don't stand a chance even with them" Ashley said once I got back on stage. 
     Harry pulled me away from her and forced me to continue to walk on stage. 
     "Hey hottie. I miss our kisses!" Ashley yelled to Harry. 
     "Fuck off" Harry said. We walked over to the group. 
     "So how did everybody enjoy the show?" The host asked. The crowd cheered so loud I had to cover my ears. 
     "So should I tell you the winners?" The host asked. This time the crowd cheered even louder and Harry put his hands over mind to block out the sound. 
     "So in third place is...YPDC!" The host said and everybody clapped. 
     "Now time for the winner." He said. 
     My group and I joined in a group hug and crossed our fingers. 
     "And the winner is..."

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