A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


17. Celebrations

Melodys POV

     "And the winner is..."
     The group and I hugged even tighter. 
     We all started to jump up and down. We won! We were screaming as loud as we could. Harry and I hugged and then we shared a long passionate kiss. 
     "Congrats babe!" He whispered into my ear. 
     "Come on they couldn't possible have won. We were better than them!" Marcus yelled into the microphone. The whole crowed started to 'boo' at Ashley and Marcus's group. 
     "Come on, face it. We won fare and square" Harry yelled back. 
     Marcus got pissed and walked over to Harry. Harry pushed me behind him so he could protect me. Marcus drew his arm back and punch Harry in the face. He stumbled backwards and I caught him. Security came over and took Marcus away. Good riddance. 
     "Harry are you alright mate?" Zayn asked. 
     "Oh yea I feel like im floating on clouds. Well other than the part that Marcus just punch me in the face" Harry replied sarcastically. 
     "Come on let's get you cleaned up" I said walking him to the dressing room. 
     "It doesn't hurt that bad." He said. 
     "Yea, then how do you explain that red river flowing out of your nose?" I asked. 
     He shrugged. "Allergies?" 
     I shook my head and pulled him over to the paramedics who cleaned him up. Once he was done, we walked back to the group and had one last cheering session. 
     "Ashley!" I yelled to her as she was making her way off stage. "The secret means nothing to me anymore." 
     She gave me a death glare and walked off stage. Her hand interlocked with Marcus' hand. 
     I turned to Harry to point it out and he just laughed. 
     "They move on fast" I said 
     "Yea, and I'm proud of you for coming to terms with your secret." He said. I put my arms around his strong body and kissed his cheek. 
     We all headed back to the tour bus and celebrated our accomplishment. 
     "I am happy to say that we can officially keep the dance studio" Jeanette announced. 
     "I'm so happy for you!" I said to her giving her a hug. 
Harry's POV

     I was sitting by the fire enjoying the warmth when Melody walked over to me. She sat down on the log with me and I put my arm around her. 
     "I like you Melody" I said. We laughed. 
     "I like you too Harry" she said. "So I guess we have to leave this place now that your fans know where you are." 
     "Maybe not. We are way high up in a secluded area, in the mountains I might add, and if we hide for a day or two they with probably think that we left." I said. 
     "Sounds good. I love to spend some time with you" she said leaning in for a kiss. 
     "Me too" I said and then softly placed my lips on hers. 

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