A New Life

When Melodys parents force her to sign an emancipation document her world is turned upside down. She has nowhere to go. What happens when One Direction finds her and offers to give her a place to stay. Will she stay and fall in love or will she leave and risk being alone again?


18. After affects

Harry's POV

       ~1 week later~        All of the buzz about us has died down. We can finally go outside without someone screaming "One Direction!"       Now I can just have alone time with my girlfriend, Melody.       "Hey Mel, you want to hang down by the beach today?" I yelled to her. She was brushing her hair in the bathroom and I was sitting on the couch waiting a movie.       "Hell yea!" She yelled back. I giggled a bit. "Might be the last time cause its almost fall an that water is getting freakin cold."       "Ok last one dressed has to jump in the lake." I yelled. Before I could even reach the bathing suit in my suitcase, the bathroom for slammed shut.       After a minute of fast changing, I walked out of my 'room' to find Melody already sitting on the couch with a towel. She saw me and stood up.       "Looks like you're going for a dip" she said. I moaned.       We walked down to the beach holding hands. Once we got there we set out towels and laid down. Might as well see if she remembers our bet. I really don't want to go in the water.       "You look hot" I said to her.       "Yea, um no, I didn't forget. The docks right there. Take your time." She said pointing to the dock and smiling. Shit.       "You are evil." I said. I got up and walked to the edge of the dock. I felt arms go around my waist. I turned around and saw Melody.       "You know, if I go in I'm gonna take you with me" I said.       "No you're not" she said and pushed me in. It was so dark and cold under the water. I finally resurfaced.       "Never let somebody stand behind you when you're at the edge of a dock." She said walking away laughing. I swam to shore and laid back down on my towel.       "Refreshing?" She asked trying not to laugh.       "Oh ill get you back" I said.       "Yea sure you will" she said dragging out the sure.       I decided to go on twitter. I took a picture of Melody and posts it.       "If you just took a picture of me and put it on twitter, them I'm gonna kill you" she said.       "Well then I guess I should start running" I said getting up and starting to run. She got up and started to chase after me. I ran into a bush and she couldn't find me. I snuck up behind her and spun her around. Suddenly we were surrounded by paparazzi.       "Run!" I yelled. We ran back to get our towels then ran back to the tour bus.       "God dammit where's security when you need it" I said.       "It's ok. We could watch a movie instead?" She suggested.       "Yea" I said sitting on the couch pulling her on my lap. Halfway through the movie I pulled my phone out and went on twitter. I had a billion of comments on my picture of Melody. I read them and quickly put my phone away.       "Everything ok?" She asked.       "Uh, yea" I said.       "Give me the phone" she said holding her hand out.       "No it's nothing" I asked.       "Harry!" She insisted.       I pulled my phone out and gave it to her. I looked out the window and saw the guys sitting around a fire. Next thing I knew, Melody ran to the bathroom, shut the door and locked it.                             
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