Behind Closed Doors

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be in One Direction's shoes? Like for example knowing what all Harry,Liam,Louis,Niall or Liam's deepest secrets are. What did they dream about last night or what did they eat for dinner yestardy? If you have ever thought about anything that has to do with this then listen to our story behind closed doors.


4. I'm Zayn!!!

Zayn's POV:

 Hi, there I'm Zayn. Well I guess you already new that because I'm in One Direction. I am really hoping to tell you about myself because you may know some facts from interviews, but not from my point of view. There's no time though so let's just skip the part were I tell you about me.

I was walking to the kitchen when I started to hear a voice. I instantly new it was Niall because I could here the guitar, too. "Whatcha doin' lad" I say to Niall. He was finishing up a chord on his guitar when he turned around by surprise and smiled. "Fine" he said while placing the guitar on the guitar stand. He was writing a song because he had his song book out. Everyone had a song book, but Harry was the only one who used it the most. Harry has run through five books, but I'm not surprised.

I was surprised of how Niall was writing in it. "Finally written in that book, a" I took a seat next to Niall. "Yup" Niall looked down at his book and smiled. I stared at him bit he seemed very happy "Why so happy"? I said and laughed a bit. "What's not to be happy about"? Niall said and smiled. "Did you find a girl"? I said sounding a bit excited because Niall was never a girl chaser none of the boys are it's just that Niall doesn't rush things. "No". He said smiling still. "No, I think I wrote a perfect song" he then looked up at me and gave me a smirk.

I was happy for him. I wasn't shocked, but happy and now I think his smile was rubbing off on me. "Well then, is it done"? I said. "Yup" he gave the 'p' a pop. "Can I hear it"? I said. "Sure" he said and picked up his guitar once more.

He placed his finger tips on the strings and frets and gave the strings a strum. He began to sing. I looked down at his book and the song he was singing was called "Story of My Life'. Niall finished the last chord. It's was a beautiful song. But, then Louis came running in.

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