Behind Closed Doors

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be in One Direction's shoes? Like for example knowing what all Harry,Liam,Louis,Niall or Liam's deepest secrets are. What did they dream about last night or what did they eat for dinner yestardy? If you have ever thought about anything that has to do with this then listen to our story behind closed doors.


2. Hi There!!!

Harry's POV:

 O, hi there I'm Harry Styles from One Direction. Sorry I didn't introduce myself in the beginning. You probably and already know who I am since I am in the biggest group in the entire world. Well, you got to experience what I have to put up with Louis Tomlinson another member of the group that I am in. I'll introduce or reintroduce the rest of the boys when they come along with there little shannanogins later on. But, I have to idmit I do get a little carried away sometimes too. In my opinion and according to Ed Sheeran ,a great friend of mine, without Liam Payne ,again another member of One Direction, Louis,Niall,Zayn, and myself would be in prison. It's funny when you think about.

 I am really hoping I can tell you how One Direction really is away from Manegment and the fans because no one would really know how it feels to just come back to the flat from a huge gig, kick up your feet on the sofa and just take a breather. It's a lot to take in especially when I started at 16. Liam kinda started when he was 14 but, sadly he didn't make it through to years later he came back 2 years later to the X-Factor. Buy coincidence Niall,Louis,Zayn, and myself were auditioning, too. We made it through and were put together in the midst of it all. I named the group One Direction and we were happy until the odds were not in our favor on one night. We were sent home in coming in third place. We were so close but, we had a plan. We weren't going to split up if we lost. We were going to keep doing what we loved.

 That is how we ended performing in the biggest arenas around the world and being #1 in thirty-seven countries. We love what we do and we do it for family,our selves, and the fans. We've become literally brothers through out the three years we have been together and I kinda regret it sometimes because I can't be with family or friends. 

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