Welcome to my abnormal life

This story is about 13 year old Bay walker. Her young mother has just died in a car crash and she now has to move half way across the world to live with the father she never met . How will she adjust when the father she never had turns out to be an ex-member of One Direction 30 year old Louis Tomlinson. Find out in Welcome To My Abnormal Life


6. Secrets

Bays pov

I walked down l to find a shirtless Alec and a note from mom dad that said ..... had to go to a meeting won't be back until late and night oh and no funny business with Alec love you dad.

"So we are home alone again what do you want to do ?" I asked

"We can play 21 questions." Alec replied. First I asked him questions like favorite movie color and stuff like that.nthen it was his turn to ask me the questions. Alec had two more questions to ask me "Question #20 are you single?" 


"Question #21 will you be my girl friend?"

"yes!" I exclaimed then we kissed it was a amazing kiss . Then I pulled alway. "What's wrong?" Alec asked

" My dad told me not to date you." I replied 

"It's fine baby we can keep it a secret for now. Ok."


Later that afternoon around lunch they went on a lunch date at a little cafe down the road. They sat in the corner so no one could see them , but someone did see them. Niall was just stopping in the cafe and saw a girl that looked like Bay and a boy that looked like Alecbut wasn't sure he decided he would talk about it later with Louis and Harry. 


Sorry for a really short chapter and this one kinda sucks to but there will be some really dramatic sceans in the next few chapters love ya Aria

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