Welcome to my abnormal life

This story is about 13 year old Bay walker. Her young mother has just died in a car crash and she now has to move half way across the world to live with the father she never met . How will she adjust when the father she never had turns out to be an ex-member of One Direction 30 year old Louis Tomlinson. Find out in Welcome To My Abnormal Life


4. Happy birthday/ Welcome home

Bays pov

"Lou- I mean dad um I just wanted to inform you that  tomorrow's my birthday . It's on August 31st ." 

" that's great now we can have a welcome to England/welcome home/Happy Birthday party ."

"That would be amazing,"

" Bay I just wanted you to know that I live with my best friend Harry  and his son Alec who is 13 and your turning 13 tomorrow right ." 

" yeah becoming a teenager tomorrow and don't even get to spend it with Jade." I mumbled the last part under my breath

" who is Jade?"

 " she is just my best friend in the whole world we are practically sisters . When we grow up we are going to have a talk show called the .... Well we don't know what we are going to call it yet but it will be epic."

"I see. Now are you okay with going to a privet school."

" yes I always have gone to one my mom always wanted me to have the best education I could get even if it meant working five jobs."

" Your mom worked five jobs."

"Yeah we also lived in a really small apartment with only one bedroom but I loved it, it was so cozy." 

"Well don't worry you will have your own room do you mind that it is Paris themed because it used to be your aunt Lottie's room when she was younger."

"A Paris themed room I have always wanted one of those!"

"Wow your hyper ." she gets that from me

"Yeah thats why mom wouldn't let me have a lot of sugar ."


(party planning time Louis'pov)

So I told all the boys about my daughter and the all were super happy for me. Now I just have to plan her a party . Ive got it!  She said that she loves Paris so ill throw her a Paris themed party . I invited all the lads and some close friends then ordered everything for tomorrow .


(evening of next day 6:00pm time for party to begin)

Bays pov

Omg I can't believe this is all for me my birthday would usually be just a day out with my mom and stuff because that's all I needed.  A boy came up to me and said " hi I'm Alec styles." 

"Bay Tomlinson ." A smirk crept on to his face

"want to dance?" Alec asked

"sure." I replied while blushing a deep red.


Zayns pov

" So Lou which kid is yours?" I asked. Louis scanned the crowd and pointed to a girl talking to Harry's son Alec. Oh no that kid is trouble when it comes to girls he is just like his dad not to be mean to Harry or any thing but he did have a lot of girlfriends.


Louis pov

I showed Zayn where Bay was taking to Alec. Then she blush and they started to dance together.  Oh no way am I letting that little perv touch my daughter they way he wants to. So I walked over there and said "Bay I've seen you have met Alec ." 

" yeah." she said

"Well his dad Harry really wants to meet you so come on let's go meet him." I said 

We found Harry and he seemed to really like Bay. Then around ten the party ended and we all went to bed.

Bays pov 

 Today was the best day of my life first the party then Alec oh Alec was great and really flirty I think he likes me well i hope he does because I really like him too.




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