Welcome to my abnormal life

This story is about 13 year old Bay walker. Her young mother has just died in a car crash and she now has to move half way across the world to live with the father she never met . How will she adjust when the father she never had turns out to be an ex-member of One Direction 30 year old Louis Tomlinson. Find out in Welcome To My Abnormal Life


7. Dead meat

Louis pov

We were waiting for our food when Naill came in and yelled" Bay and Alec are dating I saw them kissing at the cafe!!!!!!!"

"Harry if your son is dating my daughter I will kill him!!!" I exclaimed 

" don't worry I will to ." Harry said. We ran to the car and raced home the rest of the lads were following us . We come home to find Alec and Bay in a food fight. The second I open the I was hit with chocolate cake batter. I am going to kill them.

Bays pov 

I was having a great time with Alec when my dad and Uncle Harry barged in, oh great . ( note the sarcasm) Then my dad started to yell "  I KNOW YOU AND ALEC ARE DATING UNCLE NIALL SAW YOU GUYS AT THE CAFE MAKING OUTGO TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW WHILE I DECIDE YOUR PUNISHMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I ran to my room crying


Alecs pov

When Bay was in her room dad started to yell " I TOLD YOU NOT TO START DATING HER AND WHAT DO YOU DO YOU START TO DATE HER I AM SO DISOPIONTED AT YOU I AM GOING TO CALL YOUR MOTHER AND TOGHTER WE WILL DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH YOU!!!!!!!" wow I must be in big trouble dad never call mom not even when I go suspended from school this must be serious. One thing I know for sure is that I am DEAD MEAT!!!


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