Welcome to my abnormal life

This story is about 13 year old Bay walker. Her young mother has just died in a car crash and she now has to move half way across the world to live with the father she never met . How will she adjust when the father she never had turns out to be an ex-member of One Direction 30 year old Louis Tomlinson. Find out in Welcome To My Abnormal Life


2. Daddy

Bays pov

We arrived at Louis house around 2:30 Mr.Cowell set up an appointment with Louis so we could talk to him privately. Knock knock knock . A man with blue eyes and brown hair opened the door. "Hello you must be  Ms.Kane ." he said

"Yes and this is Bay ." she replied

"Hi Bay nice to meet you." he said while shaking my hand

"Nice to meet you to." I replied as a looked up at my Father , we had the same eyes.

We walked into Louis' mansion and sat on the couch. " so um I don't really know how to say this but I'm your daughter." I said shakily 

"what!How?" he asked 

"Well when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much...." I began to say

" I know how it happens but how am I your dad?"

"did you used to date a Valerie Walker?"


"Well she was my mom she just recently died in a car crash and in her will she says that she wants you to care for me."


"Val died." he asked in shock   

"Yes. Mom died and she wants you to take care of me and watch me grow up your the only family I have left . My grandparents abandoned my mother ounce they found out that she was pregnant at 16 ok."

 " I will be your dad and I'm so sorry for not being there for you ."

"It's fine I'm so glad to have you here now daddy!"

Then he signed some papers and that was the last time I saw a social worker again. 

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