Welcome to my abnormal life

This story is about 13 year old Bay walker. Her young mother has just died in a car crash and she now has to move half way across the world to live with the father she never met . How will she adjust when the father she never had turns out to be an ex-member of One Direction 30 year old Louis Tomlinson. Find out in Welcome To My Abnormal Life


5. Alec Styles: Troublemaker

Bays pov

well my dads friend stayed over night so we were all eating breakfast together. Zayn and Perrie were married and had one daughter named Sarah(6). Liam and Gracie were married and had twins Kara and Emily(5) and a little boy on the way. Niall and Kate were married and had two daughters Sugar(4) and Ginger(3). then of course there was Harry and Alec and me and Louis . Every one was being very nice and the best part was me and Alec go sit  next to each other and we played footsie under the table and no one noticed. I really hope he asks me out. Everyone left even Dad and Harry they had to go grocery shopping and decided to leave Alec and I at home."So what do you want to do." Alec asked

"We coul watch a movie."

"Have you ever seen the movie the Conjuring ."

"no it's not even out on DVD how did you get it? " I questioned 

" my dad knows some people . "

"Letsvwatch it ! I exclaimed even though I am terrified of horo films but it gives me an excuse to be in Alec's roon and I jump into his arms if I get scared.We went into his room put the movie in and got on his bed and snuggled up real close.


Harrys pov

We were done at the grocery store so Louis and I came home. When we walked in the door I heard a srceam comming from Alec's room. Lou and I drop our bags and ran upstairs . When we got to Alec's room  I heard Alec say"Shush baby it's going to be all right I'm here to protect you." then I herd some quite kissing noises . Louis slammed the door open to see bay and Alec making out

Bays pov 


"Shush baby don't worry Ill protect you." Alec said ounce the movie was over. Then we kissed and it turned into a make out session . The bedroom door burst open to revil a angry Louis Tomlinson ans an angry Harry Styles. We stopped kissing and my dad stormed over and started yelling "If you ever touch my duaghter agin I will kill you !"

"Alec come here right know go to my room I'm am going to have to talk to you about something!" Harry exclaimed  then I ran into my room crying and locked the door. Knock knock knock"  Bay honey open the door please I want to talk to you."

"no!" I yeled while crying. Then Louis took out a key and un locked the door 

"Honey the reason I don't want you and Alec to be together is because he is a trouble maker , he brings a knew girl home for dinner every week . I just dont want you to get hurt okay . I love you Bay and I can't stand to see you cry . Please just remain being friends with Alec no dating him please." 

"okay I'll try."  I replied . But Alec was so perfect his hair his eyes and he was just so sweet to me but apparently hep is a trouble maker so I should stay away.


Hi guys how do you like and a little Alec and Bay drama what do yo think there ship name should be tell me in the comments below,

Luv ya Aria

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