Adopted By Zerrie

"Harley, meet your new parents," Sheranda revealed Zayn and Perrie with big smiles.
"I wanna dance," I spoke nervously. "Dance," she instructed.
"I love you," he whispered to me. Sending shivers down my spine. "You can't. That's forbidden," I answered. "Oh well"
"Harley Malik! The girl of water!" he announced as I stepped onto the stage.
The world all changed for twelve year old Harley Normand after she was adopted by no other couple than.... Zerrie.


1. Unexpected

"Well why don't you just leave if you hate me so much!" he yelled to her. Oh no. They were fighting again. That's all they've been doing for three weeks. Fighting. Non-stop. "Fine! I will!" she spat. She grabbed my arm and ran through the door. "You can't take my daughter!" he opened the door and yelled after my mom. "The hell I can't! Jade will be here tomorrow for my stuff and hers! I never want to see you again!" she slammed the car door and opened my door. "Get in," she ordered. I climbed in and buckled in. She sped off past dad with tears streaming down her face. I looked back to see dad watching as we drove away.

'I'll miss you too dad' I thought as a tear rolled down. This was it. Mom and dad. They were finally over after years of being together. Oh. Right. You have no idea what I'm talking about do you? Well, I guess I should start from the beginning of my messed up life.....


                         "Harley! Could you help with Darcy please!" Eleanor called. That's all I've been hearing today because of the new toddler in the building. I swear that baby cries non-stop. She is sweet and cute and all but she cries at the drop of a hat. I guess I can't blame her, that's how I was when I first came here. This place makes all the girls work for nothing for very little food. At least she's still young. She doesn't have to work. And she's more likely to be adopted.

                             And then there's me. Twelve year old girl living in an adoption center. Yeah. Sucks. I was put in here by my brother when our parents died. He couldn't make enough money to support me anymore so he had to drag me here. To this horrible place. Ordered by the new Corilla Deville herself. The only two loving people are Darcy and Eleanor. Eleanor is an employee here that has been my total best friend here since I was 6. Darcy and I are like mother and daughter. I take care of her and read to her about everyday. I also teach her the stuff I learned In school. Which surprisingly is kind of a lot. We have a teacher but she only teaches the older ones who are 6+. "Harley!" Eleanor called, knocking me from my thoughts. "Coming!" I ran from my room and into Darcy' s. "Hawey!" Darcy cheered and threw her hands up. I walked over and took her in my arms. "Hi baby Darce," I laughed and kissed her forehead. "Okay. I have to go check on Tommy. You stay with Darcy," El blew her blonde hair out of the way of her green eyes. "Okay bye," I waved as she walked out of the room.

                                 "Can I have a story please," Darcy requested. "Of course," I laid her on the bed and picked from the three books on the shelf. 'Baby Girl' I sat down beside her and opened to the first page. She scooted over and placed herself under my arm. "Once upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Emma and she had two sisters. One was Fiona and the other was Darcy," I read the first line. " That's my name," Darcy smiled. I continued. "Emma was the nicest sister and Darcy was her best friend. They would laugh and play princess while the oldest, Fiona would help with their mother," I read. "Ha. That Darcy has a mom that's only biological. My mommy is my best friend. You Harley," she hugged my side. "Aw I love you too Darce," I smiled.

                                        The owner, Sheranda (Corilla Devill) stepped in the room. "Harley, there's a couple here that would like to meet you. Don't screw up," she hissed. "I have to go. Try to read while I'm gone," I kissed Darcy's head. "Why would there be anyone here to meet me?" I asked Sheranda once I closed the door. "To adopt dumb ass," she pushed me into a room where there was a boy and girl seated. The girl was beautiful and had blonde hair. The boy was fair and had black hair with big brown eyes. I could definitely look related to him. "Hello I'm Perrie," the girl stuck out her hand. I saw an engagement ring on her ring finger. Okay I see it now. I shook her hand politely and took a seat. "I'm Zayn," the man stretched his arm out. "Oh yes, I'm Harley," I introduced myself as we shook hands. They both had British accents and were dressed nicely. "So, what do you like to do Harley?" the young lady asked. "Well I like to dance," I admitted. Wow. I never told anyone that before. "Are you good?" Zayn smiled. I nodded. "I suppose," I answered. Perrie whispered something to her fiance. " How old are you little one?" he looked to me. "I'm twelve," I replied. Zayn looked at Perrie and she smiled then nodded. She whispered something to Sheranda and then sat back down. Sheranda looked to me and smiled. "Harley, go back to Darcy while we talk," she instructed. I stood up and smiled at the couple. I slowly made my way to Darcy's room. 'Could they really want do adopt me? No. That's not possible.' These thoughts ran through my head as I grabbed the door knob. I opened it to see Eleanor talking to Darcy while holding onto Tommy. Darcy looked around to me and that's when I spotted tears in her eyes. "What's wrong Darce?" I rushed to her. "Are- are- are you leaving?" she choked. " I don't know yet. I'm pretty sure it's a no. But if I do, I'll come to see you as much as possible. I promise," I wipe her tears away. She clung to me tightly. "I love you Harley," she cried. " I love you too Darcy," I put my nose in her hair.  

                              "Harley?" Sheranda poked her head in the door. "Yes," I answered. She opened the door revealing Perrie and Zayn with big smiles. " Meet your new parents. You're officially a Malik now," she announced. " Really?!" I jumped up. " Yep. I'm mom from now on," Perrie smiled. "And I'm dad," Zayn replied. "Oh my gosh!" I hugged them tight. My new mom and dad. Wow. I never would have thought. "Hey!" I heard Darcy yell. I turned around to see her with her arms crossed. I slowly walked to her. "I have to leave now Darce, but don't cry. El will take care of you and always remember that promise. Plus, one day, I'll get you out of here okay? And you come live with me," I whispered in her ear. " Bye Harley. I love you," she hugged my neck. She pulled away and I rubbed her check before turning around and walking out of the room. Not wanting to look back. " Well this is good bye. I'm gonna miss you bug," Eleanor hugged me. "Bye El," we made our way to the door. " Bye Harley Malik," Sheranda smiled as we left the building...

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